Connecticut Valley Hospital Workplace Bullying Survey Results

“Highlights” from the survey… 

“I have encountered bullying situations at work.”  70.6% of CVH workers “strongly agree”. 20.7 % “agree”.

“I have felt bullied when interacting with a CVH manager / supervisor.” 59.9%  “strongly agree”. 16.5% “agree”.

“I have felt bullied when interacting with a CVH manager / supervisor in my unit / program.” 54.0 % “strongly agree”. 16.2 % “agree”.

“I have felt bullied when interacting with a CVH co-worker.”  39.6% “strongly agree”. 20.2 % “agree”.

“I have felt bullied when interacting with a CVH co-worker in my unit / program.”  37.5 %  “strongly agree”. 20.8 % “agree”.

“I feel that bullying is an accepted part of the culture at CVH.” 54.1 % “strongly agree.” 25.7% “agree”.

“I reported bullying and there was a positive resolution of my concerns.” 61.6%  “strongly disagree”. 24.5% “disagree”.

“I fear retaliation for reporting bullying or other hostile behavior.”  66.6% “strongly agree”. 17.1 % “agree”.



CVH attempted to suppress the results of this survey. They did not release the numbers until CVH employee John Hollis, an AFSCME union steward, made a written request on behalf of CVH employees who expressed their desire to see the results. After we made the numbers public by sharing them in the Hartford News and on social media, CVH finally posted the results on their intranet. These numbers, coupled with data obtained from CVH and the Dept. of Children and Families through Freedom of Information Act requests which show racist patterns in hiring, employment, firings and wages, are proof of structural racism at state agencies. Despite this overwhelming proof, CVH and DCF management continue to deny that they are engaging in racist, bullying behavior. The Connecticut General Assembly must intervene and pass strong workplace bullying legislation which will begin the process of providing viable legal options to currently powerless workers. Visit Cornell Lewis’ DCF Plantation blog for data and commentary on structural racism at the Department of Children and Families. The data was obtained from DCF through FOIA requests.

David Samuels


Community Party




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