Rep. Matt Ritter’s Workplace Bullying Town Hall January 27


This column appears in the January 23 – 30 edition of the Hartford News… Community Update: Former East Haven police officer David Cari was sentenced on Tuesday to 30 months in prison for violating the civil rights of Latinos. Former officer Dennis Spaulding will be sentenced today; officer Jason Zullo was sentenced to 2 years on lesser charges and officer John Miller will be sentenced on lesser charges in February. The Connecticut Racial Profiling Prohibition Project, which includes ACLU CT legal director Sandra Staub, collaborated with lawmakers in 2013 to repeal the Community Party’s Penn Act enforcement language under the guise of “strengthening” the bill. The bill that legislators passed last year actually weakened the law, as it now includes loopholes which protect the police. The focus of the current law is an esoteric data collection process. The official assignment of this advisory board is to determine “if” racial profiling is happening in Connecticut, as they choose to ignore the Department of Justice indictment of the four East Haven police officers on racial profiling charges, and their subsequent convictions. We invite anyone to compare our bill language to the current law. We are appalled that the racial profiling issue is being used as a political football to advance individuals’ careers.…/ex-east-haven-cop-david… Mary Sanders has completed the draft of CP’s Trayvon Martin Act. We’ll introduce this legislation during the 2014 legislative session, which starts February 5th. You can view the bill language on our Stop Racial Profiling – Obey the Law! Facebook page.  
The New Haven Register reports that Cari has shown no remorse for racially profiling and brutalizing Latinos. “Another noteworthy footnote buried deep within the government’s 32-page sentencing memo refers to telephone calls Cari made in prison considered ‘non-privileged,’ meaning they can be introduced to the court. ‘In these recorded conversations, Cari brags that if given the chance again, he would repeat the same conduct that gave rise to his convictions,’ the footnote states. ‘These recordings, including a recording in which one of his supporters discloses his/her desire to stab one of the prosecutors in this case for comments made by the prosecutor during the sentencing of defendant Zullo, reflect quite clearly that Cari and his supporters have no understanding of Cari’s criminal conduct or the requisite moral courage required of honest law-enforcement personnel.’ ” 
On Martin Luther King Day Cornell Lewis was a guest on former governor John Rowland’s WTIC NewsTalk 1080 AM talk show. Cornell talked about workplace bullying at the Department of Children and Families – Connecticut Juvenile Training School and Connecticut Valley Hospital. Those who want to contribute to Cornell’s Legal Defense Fund can do so here.
State Representative Matt Ritter will host a workplace bullying town hall on Monday, January 27, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at the Albany Branch library, 1250 Albany Avenue in Hartford. If you’re being bullied at work by co-workers and/or your employer, this is an opportunity to tell your story and be a part of a discussion about solutions. Check out the Albany Branch website for directions (see below).
Assemblyman Ritter’s website, Facebook and Twitter pages:
Cornell Lewis’ DCF plantation blog on structural racism at the Department of Children and Families. Includes data and other records obtained from DCF through Freedom of Information Act requests:
DCF data shows Black males targeted more:
Facts about workplace bullying and structural racism at Connecticut Valley Hospital (data obtained via FOI requests): Blacks are terminated at a rate of 70%, compared to just 22% for whites… Blacks are 30% of the CVH employee roster, but are disciplined 10% more often than ALL other employees… Over 50% of CVH hires between 2003 – 2013 were for Mental Health Assistant (comparatively low pay, most hazardous job)… Over 90% of CVH Psychiatrist, Behavior Health Unit Manager and Clinical Social Worker hires between 2003 – 2013 were white…70% of the employees at CVH making $120,000 or more per year are white, 3% are Black… Whites at CVH are promoted at a rate of 56%, more than Blacks (30%)  and Latinos (8%) combined. *
CVH workplace bullying survey results (obtained by CVH employee John Hollis):
*Data analysis by Adam Osmond: 
Data and internal emails show that DCF-CJTS & CVH employ hyperscrutiny (manipulation of policy and procedure) as their primary weapon to target employees, especially Black males. Our coalition considers this tactic to be the definition of workplace bullying by an employer. 
Documentary on Karen Silkwood, a whistleblower who was assassinated by her employer:
Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates on the status of the town hall in the event of inclement weather on Monday. More info soon on CP’s Safe Work Environment Act, coming in 2014.
Pick up the Hartford News for CP’s weekly column. This FREE city-wide newspaper is available at the Legislative Office Building coffee shop, City Hall and Arrow Pharmacy, CVS, Central Supermarket and Whitney Pizza in the West End, among other locations. You can also read the column online at CP’s No Sellout blog.
Albany Branch library website:
David Samuels
Community Party

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