Jonathan Pelto Talks About Rep. Matt Ritter’s Workplace Bullying Town Hall January 27

One of the most disturbing things about Steve Perry and the way he runs Capital Prep. Magnet School is the reports of the extensive workplace bullying.  At last count, Capital Prep had lost at least seven teachers this year.

Capital Prep’s abusive working conditions have left teachers stunned and hurt.  The school’s actions have even led to complaints to appropriate state and federal agencies, as well as at least one lawsuit.

But the fact is that awareness about workplace bullying is growing.

To address those concerns, State Representative Matt Ritter will be hosting a workplace bullying town hall meeting on Monday, January 27, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, at the Albany Branch library which is located at 1250 Albany Avenue in Hartford.

Representative Ritter is asking, “If you’re being bullied at work by co-workers and/or your employer, this is an opportunity to tell your story and be a part of a discussion about solutions.”

Check out David Samuels’ work at the No Sellout Blog at and the Community Party’s Facebook page at:

Visit Jonathan’s Wait, What? blog:


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