ACTION ALERT (Updated): Stop Racial Profiling & Workplace Bullying in Connecticut!

We need folks to call and email legislators in their districts and urge them to support CP’s Trayvon Martin Act amendments. Identify your legislators by providing your info on this page. You can read our Trayvon Act bill language here.

Contact the Labor and Public Employees Committee and tell them to support CP’s Safe Work Environment Act. Our bill would remove the legal requirement for an employee to prove malice and intent by an employer, which is basically impossible. Workers should not have to prove psychological or physical harm. We also want lawmakers to create a workplace bullying advisory board, which would solicit and implement input from public employees when they recommend future legislation. We have incorporated bill language that has been introduced in Nevada by State Sen. Richard Segerblom. ( Municipal employees should tell committee members to expand the scope of legislation to include city employees, in addition to state workers. City teachers have reported rampant workplace bullying at Capital Preparatory Magnet School. Call and email labor committee co-chairs Sen. Gary Holder-Winfield and Rep. Peter Tercyak and legislators representing your district. The contact info for committee members can be viewed here.


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