Ken Krayeske Plays Himself

I would like to thank Ken Krayeske (that’s pronounced cry-eske) for taking the bait and exposing himself as a racist, coward and a liar with his Hartford News column, Rebuttal to David Samuels, a reply to my column the previous week on racism by the white left. Note that in my column I repeated that I know there are white leftists who are sincere about working for social justice, and view Blacks as equals in the struggle. The members of the all white Uhuru Solidarity Movement are the best example, in my opinion.

  Krayeske attempted to paint me as a crazed, Malcolm X wannabe who views all whites as devils. Ken, Malcolm would read you like a comic book.  I knew that Ken would not be able to resist going after me, because he can’t stand a Black person who refuses to kiss his ass. First I’ll point out an obvious omission in Ken’s tirade. Dude went after me, but he didn’t say a word about the two Hart Monitor columns by Joanna Iovino and Cornell Lewis about racism by the white left.  You can read Joanna’s scathing critique of Occupy Wall Street here  and Cornell’s commentary on certain white members of the Hartford Organizing Group here. 

I included those columns as a preemptive strike against anyone who would try to claim that nobody in Hartford shared my opinion of certain white leftists. Of course Krayeske  didn’t mention those columns, because they didn’t fit in his Warren Commission narrative featuring me as the lone gunman in the school book depository. I know that Ken especially doesn’t have the guts to step to Joanna, because she’s white. Ken must always be white and right. That’s just how he gets down.

Ken threw stones from a big glass house by calling me a “one man band.” Cuzzo, I’m hosting conference calls. The last time I saw you was on TV at City Hall, by yourself, where you were put in your place by a group of Black people. You were also flying solo when you made a spectacle of yourself at a 2010 North End gubernatorial candidates forum. You walked in and immediately monopolized the conversation, running up in the face of then candidate Dan Malloy because you have a compulsion to show everyone what a bad ass you are. You showed no respect for the event protocol, which required that folks raise their hand and be acknowledged before they ask a question.  You will never understand that you came in and disrespected Black folks who were patiently waiting their turn to talk to Malloy. You’ve been whining for years about the cops locking you up for stalking former governor M. Jodi Rell, claiming that the arrest was unjust. Everyone knows what my opinion is regarding police misconduct. However when I heard the police version it sounded absolutely credible to me, fitting in with your pattern of attention seeking behavior.


I had a lot of phony white leftists to choose from when I wrote my piece, but I deliberately included Chris Hutchinson of Socialist Action. I know that your ego is so big, you would write a response and defend everybody that I dissed. That’s exactly what you did. Well, as Biggie said, I’ve got a story to tell. After the 2010 congressional race which included you and Chris, homeboy and I had a conversation about you at the Unity Plaza in North Hartford.  I was telling Chris about how I had changed my mind about working with you when you were attempting your ill-fated Green Party insurgency campaign (I had agreed to organize a Green Party North Hartford chapter). I told Chris that I was turned off by your tone deaf attitude toward Black people and the fact that you’re a jerkoff in general. Chris responded by telling me about attending your congressional campaign “victory” party and being blown off by you when he suggested a collaboration.

Chris’ assessment of you was the same as mine; he said that you’re all talk and won’t work with anybody unless you’re on top. It’s always got to be  about you. That’s why I knew you wouldn’t be able to contain yourself after you read my column. Finally, you keep referring to my criticism as an attempt to get whites to work with me, which is your internalized white superiority talking. Ken, I had an opportunity to work with you and changed my mind, which I think is definitely a source of anger for you. You just can’t believe that a nigger wouldn’t want to follow you. I’m going in on white leftists just like Joanna and Cornell did, because the criticism is valid. I don’t give a shit about my public enemy status in community organizing. Since my column came out, whites have reached out about working together and acknowledged that my column was on point. Check out the Activate CT Facebook page for proof. Cornell told me that whites involved with the Free Jane Doe campaign apologized to him when I posted on their Facebook page about the absurdity of them not mentioning his DCF Plantation blog once.  I sleep well every night because I have public and private conversations with whites who say that I’m right. 

Krayeske I must admit, I’ve been wanting to get at you publicly for a long time. You’re definitely #1 on my shit list (actually 1, 2 3, 4 and 5). You act like a tough guy but you’re as soft as a piece of cake. You’re a racist, egomaniacal attention whore who is all talk, no action. My beef with you is definitely personal, but that doesn’t mean what I’m saying about you isn’t true. You and your ilk are a part of the problem in this country. Hey, at least with me you’ll know when I don’t like you.


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