Free Jane Doe, Inc.

Witness the effrontery of the white left… This Facebook exchange took place last night between myself and a member of the Justice for Jane Coalition. This individual expressed dissatisfaction with J4J and we started a collaboration, which came to an abrupt end when he said that he and another J4J coalition member had a problem with me distributing a Free Jane Doe petition on my social media and email networks. They wanted the petition to appear exclusively on their J4J website, instead of being seen by as many people as possible. Read for yourself… Why don’t they just apply for a Jane Doe trademark? Stay tuned for details on the Jane Doe Act and outreach efforts to raise awareness about this issue.


Come to think of it, I don’t think I need to reach out to Aaron. They’ve already got the language we need on the Facebook page; all we have to do is use what they’ve already provided us and bring it to the people that they aren’t accessing via the internet.






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