Dan Malloy, CT Democrats, Twitter and Liberal Hypocrisy

This column appears in the June 5 – 12 edition of the Hartford News… ICYMI Check out Northend Agent’s for my commentary on Jane Doe, Ken Krayeske and WNPR Where We Live host John Dankosky.   http://www.northendagents.com/category/opinion/

Governor Dannel Malloy and the Connecticut Democrats are not interested in talking about structural racism, because their policies perpetuate it.  Last week my colleague Adam Osmond was blocked by the Malloy @DanMalloyCT and CT Democrats @CTDems election campaign Twitter pages for asking a question about the disproportionate incarceration of Blacks in this state. https://twitter.com/CTLotteryWatch/status/471839511383928834/photo/1  I contacted CT Democrats spokesperson Devon Puglia, who claimed that Adam was not blocked because of his question, but because of a “history of abusive posts.” Puglia also made a cryptic comment about a “legal situation” involving Adam. Adam forwarded me all of the posts he has made to both the Malloy and CT Democrats Twitter accounts. None of them could be remotely considered “offensive” unless the Malloy and CT Dems communications staff are offended by fact based questions. Adam also denied Puglia’s claim about a “legal situation.” I sent a text to Puglia, telling him that I spoke with Adam and wanted to ask some follow up questions about his comments. Puglia requested that I send my questions to him via email. When I agreed and asked for his email address, I did not get a response. 
Adam is a data analyst who has crunched numbers for Cornell Lewis’ DCF Plantation blog http://dcfplantation.blogspot.com/ in addition to myself and my Connecticut Valley Hospital co-worker John Hollis, an AFSCME union steward. Adam’s analysis of data obtained from the Department of Children and Families and CVH through Freedom of Information requests has revealed a pattern of systemic racism at both facilities.  https://hendu39.wordpress.com/2014/04/06/coming-in-2015-safe-work-environment-act/  Adam has documented the Connecticut Lottery’s racist impact on communities of color through his CT Lottery Watchdog website  http://www.ctlotterywinners.org/ and Twitter page. https://twitter.com/CTLotteryWatch  Puglia doesn’t have the guts to speak, but Adam has something to say.
“All of my tweets are dealing with minorities in jail and gambling addiction, especially where I highlight that Albany Avenue (in North Hartford, which has a high poverty rate) is the number one selling zip code for lottery ticket sales. Also, CT has more black people who can’t vote due to felony disenfranchisement than all of the rest of New England. I’m not always critical of the Democrats; I have tweeted positive information about the party. I believe that the Democrats’ communications staff was more upset about the data and charts, and the fact that I testified against Keno (repealed this year by the CT General Assembly) and shared data about Keno with legislators.

“I want Puglia to show me one tweet where I said anything offensive. I follow simple rules when I’m posting something online which is 1. Stick to facts and numbers.  2. Never say something that my three young girls would view as being offensive. I never use profanity in my tweets.There is already retaliation going on where a few months ago the deputy of the Department of Administrative Services Googled my name and sent articles about my activism to my job. They claimed that they did some sort of investigation on me and could not find anything; I filed a Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities complaint about this.
“The reason that the Malloy and CT Democrats communications staff blocked me is they don’t like the facts in my charts; they can’t spin my data on Twitter. Puglia talking about a ‘legal situation’ is of an act intimidation and bullying meant to discredit me, unless he can clarify it. The College Democrats of CT   have also blocked me because one of my tweets showed that the poor play the lottery the most of any other demographic in the state. The Democrats don’t like the data about the prison population; they would rather censor it. I challenge Puglia to publicly explain why 68% of prisoners in CT are Black or Hispanic. I also challenge him to explain which one of my tweets  was ‘offensive.’ I talk about policies, not individuals. Puglia wouldn’t talk to David on the phone after David told him that he spoke with me and had additional questions for him. First he asked for the questions to be emailed, so he could screen them. Then he chickened out entirely. The Democrats can’t handle the truth.”
The Democrats claim to be a friend of people of color. This party has controlled the urban communities in this state and nation for decades. Poverty is rampant, Black and Latino unemployment is at Depression-era levels. Blacks and Latinos earn about 60 cents for every dollar whites make, and possess about 10 cents of net wealth for every dollar whites have.  http://ww.faireconomy.org/dream These socioeconomic factors are fueling gun violence in Black and Brown neighborhoods. Year after year, the CT Democrats on the city and state level refuse to address these core urban issues, instead attempting to fool the public by passing cosmetic legislation such as the minimum wage bill, which will raise the wage to $10.10 in 2017. A study by the Economic Policy Institute found that for a single parent with one child, the $10.10 wage will not lift them out of poverty. EPI used an updated formula they call the Federal Budget Calculator to determine the actual cost of living for their report, as they found that the current federal poverty line is misleading. The EPI study found that a single parent with one child would need an annual income of $48,000 to have a “modest, but secure standard of living.” A $15.00 minimum wage indexed to inflation would improve the economic condition of low wage and fast food workers. Last week the Seattle city council unanimously approved a $15.00 minimum wage.  http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jun/02/seattle-plan-minimum-wage-hike-workers
The November elections are a false choice. The corporate controlled 11/2 party system consisting of the Democrats and Republicans serves the ruling class in this country. What we need is a third party that will truly work in the interests of communities of color, the working class and the poor. That’s a fact the Democrats’ communications staff cannot block.
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Complete record of Adam Osmond’s tweets to the Gov. Dannel Malloy and CT Democrats Twitter pages:
Open Secrets website. Open Secrets examines the influence of money in politics:
The definition of the corporate state:
David Samuels
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