Shawn Wooden in Concert

                   It’s the Concert Event of the Summer! 

 You’ve seen, read and heard Hartford City Council President / state Senate candidate Shawn Wooden all week, as he desperately tries to explain his flip-flop on the New Britain Rock Cats Hartford stadium deal. Now Shawn will be taking his performance to the next level as he spins live in concert!

The Corporate  Media Spin Tour will feature Shawn performing his greatest hits…

 I Always Wanted Private Funding (I Just Never Said It), Stadiums = Jobs, Baby, Forget About My Flip-Flop, Don’t Take Your Vote Away, I Want Your Primary Love, Solid as a Rock Cat, Bonding with You, and Stop Dogging My Stadium Plan (featuring DMX).

If you don’t have money for a ticket, just borrow it like the City of Hartford does!  

This is a Politics as Usual production.




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