It’s All About The Baseball Benjamins by Pedro Segarra

Carlos Camacho of the Connecticut Justice Party puts a twist on a classic Hip-Hop joint…
It’s All About the Benjamins instrumental:   B.I.G. forever…
It’s all about the Benjamins baby
It’s all about the Baseball baby
Now, what y’all want to do?
Want to be ballers, shot callers, brawlers
Who be dipping in the budget with the spoilers
On the low from the Segarra in the Taurus
Trying to get my hands on some Rock Cats like Horace
Yeah living the raw deal, PGA course meals; this baseball team its a steal
But still everything’s real in the new stadium field
And what you can’t have now, we be leaving you da bill
But don’t knock me for trying to bury
Seven zeros over in Rio Di Janeiry
Ain’t nobody’s baseball hero, but I want to be heard
On your I-91 jam everyday, that’s my word
Swimming in construction of my own box seats
Ninety nine percent, who driving on SEAT
It’s all about the Benjamins, what
I get a knuckle ball pitch for the mutts
World Series ring on my hands with the cuts
And something New Britain chromed out with the clutch, what
I want it all figured out, fuck being a broke city
Drinking with politicians big like P-Diddy
I’m with Mo’ sippers, watched by FBI
Rocking Cats denims with Dowling and I
Lost your team we got yours, popping Cristals
Freaking the town council reptiles
Enormous money, Benz team jeep
For my team so while you sleep I’m a scheme
We hide it well, that’s why everybody gonna think I’m good
You should do what we do, stack chips at Fox Wood
Don’t let the melody intrigue you
Because I leave you, I’m only here
For that green paper with the eagle
It’s all about the Baseball Benjamins baby
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Carlos Camacho
State Coordinator
Connecticut Justice Party

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