WFSB Excludes North Hartford Voices From Stadium Debate, Kennard Ray Update, Safe Work Environment Act

This column appears in the July 24 – 31 edition of the Hartford News… Community Update: WFSB Face the State host / corporate shill Dennis House aired another infomercial on the Hartford stadium plan. Mayor Pedro Segarra’s communications director Maribel La Luz was a guest; she talked about the stadium in terms of the facility being an anchor for high-end stores. La Luz did not mention the proposed North Hartford supermarket once. The focus of the program was how a stadium / retail complex could attract suburban whites into the city. There were no North End residents on the panel.
Kennard Ray was quietly hired as the Deputy Registrar of Voters for the City of Hartford. Last year Segarra hired Ray as his Deputy Chief of Staff. Ray withdrew from the position after sensationalized corporate media reports about his legal history led to Segarra throwing Ray under the bus. Segarra said that Ray messed up because he didn’t discuss his legal history during the job interview. The city’s Ban the Box ordinance stipulates that an applicant does not have to talk about past legal issues during an interview. Segarra said that Ray had to be held to a “higher standard”. A subsequent review by the Hartford Internal Audit Commission found that Segarra had hired several employees in his office who did not undergo a security background check; some had not even filled out a job application.

In 2015 Sen. Gary Holder-Winfield will introduce the Community Party’s Safe Work Environment Act.  The AFSCME Local 318 Safe Workplace Committee (which includes John Hollis and I as members) will call for a change to the employee grievance process. We want workplace bullying language added to the contract. Last year SEIU in California was successful in getting a Dignity Clause inserted into their agreement. We also want an independent arbitrator to hear grievances. The current process is a joke, as the employer hears worker complaints. The manager who hears the grievance at Step 1 defends the employer at Step 3. John has submitted an FOI request to obtain the outcome of state worker grievances for the last three years.

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