Vote Carlos Camacho for State Representative 2014

In Windsor, as in many towns in Connecticut, politics has become frustrating, predictable and most recently, favors the one percent. Voters can predict what a Republican or Democratic politician’s position on a subject will be simply based on whether they have a “R” or an “D” next to their name. At a time when we face serious challenges and problems, we need a different approach. It’s time to put aside the tired, divisive “Conservative-versus-Liberal” debates and start anew. Let’s bring to Hartford humility to understand that real progress takes time, a clear sense of leadership, and the participation of everyone with a stake in making Connecticut a better place. I’m running for State Representative District 60 (parts of Windsor and Windsor Locks). I’m a naturalized citizen from a working-class family that immigrated to America and I’d like to offer an approach to governing that isn’t driven by money from corporations and out of state lobbyists. 
I stand for:
* Ensuring that parents and teachers drive education reform and not politicians and corporations
* Removing the corrupting influences of money in our political system with real campaign finance reform
* Addressing the growing income-inequality that has led the country into an oligarchy 
* Increasing the production of housing of every variety, especially affordable housing
* Shifting our focus to small business owners; the heart of our job creation economy
* Stopping cronyism and patronage from state contracting that cost tax payers money and results in inefficiencies
* Tackling the rising cost of healthcare and addressing their root causes
* Reforming our tax code in a non-partisan modern way to induce investment, while avoiding placing burdens on future generations
* Advocating for a clean environment with a focus on eating locally through more CT farms
* Pushing for improved internet infrastructure in our towns which will help our economies compete on a global stage 
* Repairing and maintaining our existing transportation infrastructure
* Clamping down on rising administrative costs in our colleges to reduce higher education costs
* Making our government fully transparent
* Passing local climate laws that make a global difference
* Increasing ballot access so we can renew our democracy with more choices in our political system
* Upholding the Bill of Rights
We can continue to vote for parties and politicians that have given us Corrupticut. 
Or we can make a bold decision to vote for Justice & Liberty for All.
I would like your vote this November. To earn a place on the ballot, please sign my petition (see comments section).


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  1. CT Justice Party (@justicepartyct) Says:

    Link was broken to petition page at the time of posting. Please use:

    Thank you.

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