Democrats Are Failing Immigrants and Minorities

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Carlos Camacho

CT State House of Representatives Candidate (District 60)


 When it comes to diversity, the Democratic Party has always been at the forefront in our political system. However, it is becoming clear that Democrats are failing immigrants and minorities. They have failed to aggressively push for and achieve immigration reform, they have failed to implement educational policies that will achieve equality in educational opportunities and are responsible for more deportations under President Obama than any other administration. Perhaps that is why he has been called by one Latino organization as the “Deporter-in-Chief.”

While Connecticut’s richest have grown richer, many of their fellow residents are barely treading water. Disproportionately, those on the losing end belong to already disadvantaged groups; the median incomes of Connecticut’s Hispanics and Blacks are barely half that of Whites. There are reasons to be concerned about the prevalence of income inequality in Connecticut. The situation is worse still for Black and Hispanic wage earners, and the hardship for workers without college is more pronounced in Connecticut than elsewhere. Forty percent of Connecticut’s whites have a bachelor’s degree, compared to only 18 percent of blacks and 14 percent of Hispanics.

Across the country, Democrats are waving carrots in front of Latinos; assuming their support in the face of anti-immigrant hysteria that has gripped the GOP. However, Latinos and other minorities should demand more, they should demand justice.

The U.S. has long been a welcoming country for immigrants. Sadly, this reputation has suffered in recent years. The Justice Party will provide the strong leadership that forges through the gridlock, polishes the U.S. image, and builds on our history of integrating immigrants for the compassionate enrichment of our economy, society and culture.


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