Political Roundup: Coleman vs. Wooden Primary/ Vote Carlos Camacho for State Representative 2014 / CT Race for Governor

This column appears in the August 7 – 21 edition of the Hartford News… ICYMI Check out Northend Agent’s for the Community Party’s column on WFSB Face the State host Dennis House using his program to shill for the Hartford stadium plan. We reported on Cornell Lewis leading a protest against the stadium and winning his arbitration case against the Department of Children and Families. Cornell’s DCF Plantation Report is also featured. http://www.northendagents.com/commentary-david-samuels-dcf-plantation-report/

The Hartford Courant’s duplicitous editorial endorsing Shawn Wooden for State Senate underscores the need for a third party organization that truly serves the people. Wooden and incumbent Sen. Eric Coleman as usual have avoided discussion about poverty, racial wage / wealth disparity, Black / Latino unemployment, and police containment of communities of color. The Courant made the preposterous claim that Coleman has “ended racial profiling”. Coleman actually helped to water down the Alvin W. Penn Act, supporting amendments by the so-called Racial Profiling Prohibition Project that protect the police. The establishment butt kissing didn’t end there, as the Courant explained away Wooden’s flip-flop on the Rock Cats stadium issue as Wooden “correcting” himself. Yeah, Wooden’s “correction” came after protests erupted over the deal. The bs meter at the corporate controlled Courant is off the hook, as usual. 
Connecticut Justice Party State Coordinator Carlos Camacho is challenging Democratic Party incumbent State Representative Peggy Sayers in District 60. You can view (and print) a map here: http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/images/2/29/CT_HD_060.JPG  District 60 includes all of Windsor Locks and part of Windsor near the airport. Carlos’ candidacy is important for Hartford and other Connecticut cities and towns. We need an alternative to the Democrat / Republican duopoly! The Justice Party addresses issues which impact the working class, the poor and communities of color such as unemployment, poverty, the failed so-called War on Drugs and mass incarceration. The Community Party endorses Carlos’ campaign. See our Resources section for more info on the Justice Party. Read on for Carlos’ explanation of his platform. Carlos supports the effort to bring a publicly owned bank to Connecticut. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KX8pcADnsEs
In Windsor, as in many towns in Connecticut, politics has become frustrating, predictable and most recently, favors the one percent. Voters can predict what a Republican or Democratic politician’s position on a subject will be simply based on whether they have a “R” or an “D” next to their name. At a time when we face serious challenges and problems, we need a different approach. It’s time to put aside the tired, divisive “Conservative-versus-Liberal” debates and start anew. Let’s bring to Hartford humility to understand that real progress takes time, a clear sense of leadership, and the participation of everyone with a stake in making Connecticut a better place. I’m running for State Representative of District 60 (parts of Windsor and Windsor Locks). I’m a naturalized citizen from a working-class family that immigrated to America and I’d like to offer an approach to governing that isn’t driven by money from corporations and out of state lobbyists. 
I stand for:
* Ensuring that parents and teachers drive education reform and not politicians and corporations
* Removing the corrupting influences of money in our political system with real campaign finance reform
* Addressing the growing income-inequality that has led the country into an oligarchy 
* Increasing the production of housing of every variety, especially affordable housing
* Shifting our focus to small business owners; the heart of our job creation economy
* Stopping cronyism and patronage from state contracting that cost tax payers money and results in inefficiencies
* Tackling the rising cost of healthcare and addressing their root causes
* Reforming our tax code in a non-partisan modern way to induce investment, while avoiding placing burdens on future generations
* Advocating for a clean environment with a focus on eating locally through more CT farms
* Pushing for improved internet infrastructure in our towns which will help our economies compete on a global stage 
* Repairing and maintaining our existing transportation infrastructure
* Clamping down on rising administrative costs in our colleges to reduce higher education costs
* Making our government fully transparent
* Passing local climate laws that make a global difference
* Increasing ballot access so we can renew our democracy with more choices in our political system
* Upholding the Bill of Rights
We can continue to vote for parties and politicians that have given us Corrupticut. 
Or we can make a bold decision to vote for Justice & Liberty for All.
I would like your vote this November. 
Last week Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley appeared on Face the State.  Foley said that he would make Connecticut more “business friendly” (translation: I want to deregulate state businesses). He backpedaled somewhat when asked about his request to Sen. John McKinney to drop out of the GOP primary race, claiming that he really meant he hoped for McKinney’s endorsement if he won the primary. When pressed he did repeat that he hoped McKinney’s endorsement would come before the primary. Foley again attempted to dance around his position on gun control, initially saying only that he thinks the gun bill that the legislature passed in 2013 in response to the Newtown spree killing should have placed more emphasis on mental health services. When asked directly if he would repeal the provision in the bill banning high capacity assault weapons, Foley said that he would not. There were no questions from House, Chris Keating of the Hartford Courant or Neil Vigdor of Hearst Connecticut about the bill’s failure to address gun violence in urban neighborhoods. Foley said that like McKinney he considers highway tolls to be a form of taxation, but that he would support reinstating tolls in Connecticut if they could be used to offset the gas tax. Foley echoed the Republicans’ opposition to the New Britain busway, but said that he could not defund the project as the $600 million had already been spent.
Foley criticized Gov. Dannel Malloy’s record on unemployment in the state, citing Malloy’s tax increase and what he called anti-business economic policies by the incumbent. Foley was asked about how he would keep spending flat with a $345 million increase in debt service coming in 2016 and a $44 billion gap in pension obligations to state workers and teachers (I’m a state employee). Foley talked about using his business expertise in cutting government waste, which is coded language for privatizing state services. Foley was outspoken about privatization during the 2010 gubernatorial campaign. His track record as a privatizer in Iraq is a clear indication of his plans for Connecticut, which are in line with the Wall Street corporatist agenda of rolling back workers’ wages and benefits. Foley again denied that he had a role in closing down Bibb Company textile plant in Macon, Georgia, a business that he acquired and sold after owning it for 11 years. Former Lt. Governor Mike Fedele ran an ad featuring Macon residents blaming Foley for Bibb’s demise during the 2010 GOP gubernatorial primary.  Predictably, the panel didn’t ask any questions about Foley’s urban agenda, despite the fact that Foley wrote a CNN editorial last month on his policy plan for low income communities of color. Next week we’ll analyze corporatism and Foley’s press conference debacle at Fusion Paperboard in Sprague.  
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2013 TV interview with CT State Representative candidate (District 60) Carlos Camacho:
Learn more about the Justice Party of Connecticut at http://www.justicepartyct.org.
Learn more about the Justice Party at http://www.justicepartyusa.org
Carlos Camacho is the State Coordinator of the CT Justice Party. Follow the Justice Party and Carlos’ campaign on Twitter and Facebook:
David Samuels
Community Party




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