Message from Carlos Camacho

I would like to thank everyone who helped me petition to get on the ballot for State Representative. Although the target was 108 signatures, we fell short by about two dozen. We actually obtained 120 signatures but due to changes in address, or the fact some signers were registered in other towns and had forgotten to re-register in District 60, we didn’t hit the goal. I was able to confirm 6 signatures that were rejected in fact were valid, however that would still bring us up short. I learned some valuable lessons during this endeavor: (1) the voters are really interested in hearing from mainstream candidates that are not from the Democratic or Republican Parties (2) the voters don’t think that candidates from minor parties should have to jump through so many hoops to get on the ballot (3) the process to get on the ballot and the submission of the petitions haven’t changed in decades. It simply doesn’t match today’s reality and technology that we have available (4) I have some fantastic neighbors and supporters who worked really hard on my behalf (5) you should obtain at least a 50% buffer to hedge against invalid signers (6) I need to work on my delivery in asking for signatures; shyness won’t get you far as a politician and finally (7) DON’T schedule a knee operation during the most important week of your life!

Again, I’d like to thank everyone for their help and well wishes. The option of conducting a write-in campaign exists but without a great deal of funds to push your name, the effort is a bit useless. It also has no impact in gaining ballot access for the next campaign. On the positive side, beyond meeting countless people in just a short time frame, learning the process of running was very valuable. I hope that in the future I might be able to assist some better candidates run for office.

I hope everyone who has liked this page will send a message that the system of democracy in our state (and elsewhere) is flawed and I encourage you to vote for a 3rd Party candidate in November. If you live in Connecticut, please consider running in the next election or getting involved with the Connecticut Justice Party.

Special thanks to ActivateCT, Community Party, the Fulton family and HavMore Store in Windsor Locks for tremendous backing!

Thank you!


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