Malloy Defeats Foley! Big Deal, Both Represent the Status Quo

Gov. Dan Malloy’s victory over Republican Tom Foley was not the cliffhanger pundits anticipated, which really is more an indicator of voters rejecting Foley’s opaque campaign than it is a vote of confidence for Malloy. Foley’s strategy was to say as little as possible, hope that voters didn’t notice, and count on the state’s poor economy and Malloy’s personality issues to sweep him into office. Foley never explained how he was going to wipe out a projected budget deficit of over $1 billion, while delivering on his promise to cut taxes. The math simply didn’t add up. Malloy’s bullying of state employees (I’m a state worker) and public school teachers without a doubt resulted in the poll numbers which made the 2014 gubernatorial election too close to call. Apparently voters were pissed off at Malloy, but not enough to take the plunge and elect a billionaire who was going to do God knows what if he won. The reality is that both Malloy and Foley are corporatists who have more in common than they have differences.

When Tom Foley made the ridiculous assertion that the insurance company friendly Affordable Care Act was a step toward a single payer system, Malloy’s lieutenant governor Nancy Wyman actually boasted about how the ACA catered to the health insurance industry. Not a good look when a new study found that the United States ranks last among other industrialized nations in affordability and access to health care. Neither Foley nor Malloy talked about implementing a progressive tax code or closing corporate tax loopholes as a means of generating much needed revenue for the state. Instead we heard about the likelihood of tolls returning to Connecticut, which would be yet another tax on the working class and the poor. The urban policy plans of Malloy and Foley were both laughable, as neither addressed poverty, Black/Latino unemployment, racial wage/wealth disparity, mass incarceration or police containment of low income communities of color.

While Malloy takes his victory lap, state residents face ‘four more years’ of the corporatist policies which keep this country’s economy in the toilet. The only hope for change is that the left grows a spine and pushes Malloy and the Democrats to implement egalitarian policies that will address the growing class and racial disparities in Connecticut. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. Meanwhile on the national level, voters continued their futile strategy of switching their support back and forth between the Democrats and Republicans, hoping for positive change in Congress. Putting the Republicans in charge of the Senate is the equivalent of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. While liberals and conservatives scream at each other, the Dems and the GOP are counting their money. The Center for Responsive Politics projects that $3.67 billion (that’s BILLION, with a B) was spent on the 2014 election cycle. The two parties are swimming in corporate cash. Do you really think that corporations are donating all of this money so elected officials will look out for you? We need a third party movement that will represent the interests of the working class and the poor.


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