Ferguson & the Black Misleadership Class

This column appears in the December 4 – 11 edition of the Hartford News… The announcement that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for the fatal shooting of unarmed Black teen Michael Brown has only served to fuel the mass movement in that city, which should be used as a model for urban communities nationwide. MSNBC commentator Lawrence O’Donnell blasted the prosecutors for giving the grand jury an outdated, unconstitutional definition of justifiable use of force. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZiegNiE6f0&feature=youtu.be  An uprising led by community residents is the only hope to force systemic change in this country. Ferguson residents have made the connection between the street execution of Michael Brown and the socioeconomic conditions in their community. The Arch City Defenders co-authored a report that found the disproportionate fines of Black Ferguson residents for traffic and low-level offenses generated $2.7 million in 2013, the second highest source of revenue for the city. http://www.democracynow.org/2014/8/27/is_ferguson_feeding_on_the_poor#  Several weeks ago Mary Sanders and I sent a Freedom of Information request to the Hartford Police, requesting information on the number of fines for traffic and low-level offenses in the North, South and West End of the city. The HPD has not responded to our request. We will be sending a follow up request via certified mail. Biased policing is a cash cow for Ferguson. The $2.7 million question is how many other urban cities, which are predominantly controlled by the Democratic Party, employ busting people of color as a primary source of revenue.

This nation is a corporate state. The Democrats and Republicans are two wings of one corporate controlled party. I have written in this space about how the Black Misleadership Class has used the lynchings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown to generate votes for the Democrats, while diverting attention away from how the party’s public policies have contributed to the socioeconomic conditions which lead to the extrajudicial killing of Blacks every 28 hours in the United States.  http://www.operationghettostorm.org/  Poverty, Black unemployment, wage/wealth disparity and disenfranchisement of residents in urban neighborhoods have transformed them into commodities for the prison industrial complex. Before the grand jury announcement in Ferguson, Black Agenda Report commentator Margaret Kimberley talked about how Barack Obama, the First Black President, and Eric Holder, the First Black Attorney General, have done NOTHING to hold the police accountable for the street executions of Blacks, while Obama administration sycophants Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are used to keep Blacks in check.
“After the grand jury verdict is announced, there is only one demand that these three (Holder, Jackson and Sharpton) should hear. The Justice Department must prosecute Darren Wilson. Jackson and Sharpton’s presence in Ferguson will be proof of presidential inaction and an attempt to evade and avoid doing anything that might bring justice to black people. There should be no worry, no anxiety, if Darren Wilson is not indicted. After all, we have a United States Department of Justice, and they have the authority and resources at their disposal to carry out their own prosecution. There shouldn’t be any doubt that the Justice Department will prosecute Wilson except for one very big problem. The Obama Justice Department has never seen fit to carry out a prosecution in cases of police murder. The police execution of Milton Hall in Saginaw, Michigan was caught on a squad car dashboard camera, and yet the Justice Department declined to prosecute. If there is no federal prosecution of Darren Wilson, the political disaster of the Obama presidency will be made crystal clear. Black people in this country have exulted over Barack Obama since his 2008 campaign and have nothing to show for their unrequited love. Demands went unmade, insults were overlooked, and the result is an escalation of the official violence that black people have always been subjected to. No excuse, no rationale should be accepted if Wilson doesn’t face federal prosecution. Obama can’t run for re-election, so there is no longer a need to appeal to white voters willing to vote for a black man as long as he isn’t too black. There will be no more mid-terms that require black people to disappear and take their demands with them. The president and attorney general don’t need Republican permission to use the powers they have under the law. It is time to make good on the often stated but phony intention of making Obama accountable to black people.”
Black Misleadership Class bs was on display during a recent Central Connecticut State University forum on policing in the Black community, hosted by corporate media shill John Dankosky. http://www.northendagents.com/opinion-roundup-jane-doe-act-and-the-failure-of-where-we-live-host-john-dankosky/  A Better Way Foundation Director of Strategic Relations LaResse Harvey launched into an elitist rant, saying that Black folks are too busy camping outside of sneaker stores to accompany her to the State Capitol and push for policy reforms which would benefit communities of color. That’s the equivalent of saying that Blacks are too busy eating chicken and watermelon. You can listen to her comments at about the 41:55 mark of the WNPR podcast. http://wnpr.org/post/policing-black-community  If a white person uttered Harvey’s slur, they would rightfully be called a racist. Harvey co-signed the ruling class stereotype of Blacks as shiftless spooks who are responsible for their current condition. This is the same person who defended Obama during a previous panel discussion, blaming Republican obstruction for Obama’s failure to implement reforms which would address racial inequities. The Democrats controlled the House and the Senate during Obama’s first two years in office, yet Obama did not introduce any racial justice initiatives. Obama rejected a 2009 demand from members of the Congressional Black Caucus that he formulate a plan for targeted job creation in low income communities of color. Obama could have followed the recommendations in the United for a Fair Economy urban policy plan, which would provide effective remedies for racial economic disparities, while also sparking economic recovery in poor/working class white communities (see Resources).There wasn’t a damn thing stopping Obama but himself. Obama lied to single payer healthcare supporters when he was running for president, promising that he would push for Medicare for All if he was elected and the Democrats took control of Congress. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpAyan1fXCE  After Obama won and the Democrats secured the majority in the House and the Senate, Obama excluded single payer advocates from his so-called bipartisan healthcare summit.
In 2010 Harvey was a member of a coalition which allowed Democrats on the Norwich city council and Republicans in the General Assembly to remove a crucial provision from Ban the Box. BTB is supposed to prevent employer discrimination against formerly incarcerated individuals. BTB includes a conditional job offer provision, which requires an employer to make a job offer to a qualified candidate prior to a background check. If the employer decides to withdraw the job offer after the check, they must present the applicant with an explanation in writing. Because this provision was removed, employers outside of Hartford and New Haven currently can conduct the background check after the job interview and do not have to provide a reason for rejecting an applicant, which is a huge loophole. Harvey said nothing about the hypocrisy of Mayor Pedro Segarra, who withdrew a job offer to Kennard Ray. Last year Segarra hired Ray as his Deputy Chief of Staff. Segarra took the job away from Ray following sensationalized corporate media reports about Ray’s legal history. Segarra blamed Ray for not talking about his legal issues during his interview. BTB stipulates that an applicant doesn’t have to discuss their legal history. Segarra said that Ray must be “held to a higher standard”.
Deputy Chief Auditor Craig Trujillo subsequently discovered that Segarra had employees in his office who had not undergone background checks; some had not even filled out a job application. Segarra made a mockery of BTB and gave city employers the green light to emulate his discriminatory actions. Harvey talks real tough until it’s time to hold a Democrat accountable. In my opinion, a Black person would be better off camping outside of Foot Locker for a new pair of Jordans than accompanying a Democratic Party stooge like Harvey to the Capitol.
The people of Ferguson have shown us the way. True systemic change for Black people will come from those who are most affected by structural racism. Political hustlers like Jackson, Sharpton and Harvey are traitors who serve the ruling class and themselves.
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