Trayvon Martin Act Report

There will be no Community Party Hartford News column this week, due to a Hartford Arts & Heritage special edition of the paper. This week we’ll share the video from an October 2013 racial profiling forum in Hartford. Mary Sanders, who wrote CP’s Trayvon Martin Act, talks about the REAL history of this issue in Connecticut, specifically CP’s role in reforming the Alvin W. Penn Act, the state racial profiling law. In August I talked about how Courant reporter Daniela Altimari and Christine Stuart of CT News Junkie engaged in revisionist history with members of the so-called Racial Profiling Prohibition Project.

Mary appears at about the 1 hour, 44 minute mark of the Connecticut Network video, followed by Adam Osmond. The shooting of Michael Brown by patrol officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson has resulted in a nationwide push to pass a federal law requiring state, county and local police to wear cameras. CP will add a camera provision to the 2015 Trayvon Act. State Representative Matt Ritter’s 2015 racial profiling legislation will include CP’s traffic stop receipt provision.  Stay tuned!

David Samuels


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