ACTION ALERT: Spanish Speaking Center of New Britain, CT

Today the Governor has publicly announced the confirmation of a special legislative session for the purposes of asking the legislature to make another $220 million in budgetary cuts to accommodate a roll back of the proposed business tax hikes in the budget. Most alarming is that he is requesting the legislature to give him the authority to choose the line items to cut himself. In the Governor’s Biennium Budget released in February, he zeroed most if not all of our services completely. And although the budget passed by both the House and the Senate restoring our communities’ services holds a small percentage cut, our leaders heard us. Call your state legislators and tell them to restore our funding and protect it from the Governor’s chopping block. New Britain Senator Theresa Gerratana’s number is (860) 240-0584, Representative Betty Boukus – (860) 240-8585, Rep. Rick Lopes – (860) 240-8585, Rep. Bobby Sanchez – (860) 240-8356, Rep. Peter Tercyak – (860)240-8585. Other pertinent phone numbers below: Governor Malloy – call (800) 406-1527 Speaker Sharkey – call (800) 842- 1902 House Majority Leader Arisimowicz – call (800) 842-8267 Senate President Looney – call (800) 842- 1420 Senate Majority Leader Duff – call (800) 842-1420 Hashtags: ‪#‎CT4LatinoFamilies‬ ‪#‎BudgetEquity4CTLatinos


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