Malloy = Corporatism /Police Shooting in Hartford/ Meagan Matters/Al Sharpton & the FBI

This column appears in the June 18 – 25 edition of the Hartford News…

Capitol Update

Gov. Dannel Malloy’s proposal to repeal corporate tax increases included in the recently passed state budget, and his attempt to delay until 2017 the unitary reporting provision which would prevent corporations located in Connecticut from dodging taxes on profits earned out of state, underscores his devotion to corporatism. Malloy wants to offset the $224 million in lost revenue with – what else? More spending cuts. That means another hit on human services. Sen. Beth Bye confirmed this during an interview with the Connecticut Mirror. “Bye, a West Hartford Democrat, also told The Mirror that while the governor described offsetting the tax-hike-rollback with a simple 1.5 percent ‘across-the-board’ spending cut, it primarily targets social services, education and municipal aid.” Bye added that Malloy refused to give up funding for his transportation project, which is clearly aimed at impressing Hillary Clinton, who will be looking for a Secretary of Transportation if she is elected president in 2016. ” ‘What he was saying is: ‘Don’t touch any of my new money,’ Bye said, referring to a Malloy announcement Friday that was designed to appease businesses, but also frustrated his fellow Democrats in legislative leadership.’ ” Malloy will also be using funds from the budget to expand CT Fastrak. Bye told the Mirror about the reaction of hospitals that will be subjected to a tax hike in the budget. ” ‘The hospitals are screaming too,’ Bye said. ‘And they employ more people than many of the big companies that are screaming.’ ” House Speaker Brendan Sharkey said that legislators will consider Malloy’s proposal. No date has been set for a special legislative session to debate bills related to the budget. The Spanish Speaking Center of New Britain, CT has issued an action alert with info for folks who want to contact their legislators to voice their opposition to Malloy’s budget proposal. Check out the Community Party No Sellout blog for details.

Blue Hills Police Shooting

The grandfather of 22-year-old Tyrinde Mason Thompson told Fox CT that Hartford Police officer Tyrell Jenkins used excessive force when he shot Tyrinde, who suffers from mental illness, last week in the Blue Hills neighborhood. Tyrinde’s grandfather said that Tyrinde has no history of violence. Fox CT reports that Tyrinde has no criminal record, no police officer is guarding his hospital room, and it has not yet been determined if Tyrinde will face criminal charges. Jenkins has no history of citizen complaints or administrative disciplinary actions against him. HPD officers have received training to de-escalate individuals with mental illness, according to a memo I got from the HPD. A source told me that Tyrinde’s mother called Capitol Region Mobile Crisis, but they weren’t present at the time of the shooting. The memo I received regarding HPD officers’ training in handling mentally ill individuals was quite thorough, which makes another development confusing.

Mary Sanders and I sent an email to HPD Deputy Chief Brian Foley requesting a meeting to discuss the shooting, racial profiling, police brutality and Hartford gun violence, but we have not received a response. If the HPD is doing what it’s supposed do when it comes to training their officers in crisis intervention, why haven’t we received a response to our request for a meeting? We understand that the shooting is being investigated, so our plan was to ask general questions about the protocol for handling calls involving individuals in crisis. A memo is nice, but the fact that we have not received a response to our request for a face-to-face conversation is disturbing, especially after hearing and reading Foley’s thoughtful comments on the link between poverty and Hartford gun violence. The vibe we’re getting is that the HPD is going to hide behind a memo. We’ve been hearing a lot about the importance of “building trust” between the police and the community. Well, trust is a two-way street. It’s hard to trust someone who won’t talk to you… We did get a letter from the Centralized Infractions Bureau regarding our Freedom of Information request for traffic fine totals in Hartford neighborhoods. We were told that infraction information is only available by town/city. We will request the data for Hartford. Stay tuned.

Coming in 2016: Meagan Hockaday Act. More info soon. Meagan Matters!

Big Pimpin’

Al Sharpton was in North Hartford for an anti-violence march June 6. Please do not fall for this bs. First of all, Sharpton has worked as an FBI informant. Another march isn’t going to stop gun violence in Hartford. The root cause of the violence is poverty, which Mayor Pedro Segarra and the Hartford Democrats refuse to address. If you want violence in the city to stop, contact Segarra, City Council President Shawn Wooden and Democratic Party council board members. Don’t forget Congressman John Larson, who participated in the march and most likely orchestrated this diversionary tactic. Tell them to implement economic policies to address poverty and Black/Latino unemployment, which are at Depression-era levels. The unemployment rate among Black males 18-25 is as high as 50% in some areas of the city. During a rally at Shiloh Baptist Church, Sharpton asked for $100 donations from people who live in one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in the nation. Sharpton tried to cover himself after he was confronted by local pastor Marcus Mosiah Jarvis by saying the money would go to a memorial for victims of gun violence in the city, but his claim is contradicted by WTNH channel 8 video of Dr. Boise Kimber, who served as the introduction speaker. Kimber specifically requested donations for Sharpton’s National Action Network saying, “The only way this organization sustains itself is by the people. We cannot ask Pharaoh to liberate us.”

Jarvis’ Courant op-ed on Sharpton’s money grab was spot on. “Outside and inside the church, I heard a number of gatherers murmuring: ‘Why is he asking for money?’ ‘He shouldn’t be asking for money.’ ‘I don’t have $100.’ There was a lot of discomfort in the sanctuary. That ‘he’ making this demand was the Rev. Kimber of First Calvary Baptist Church. It wasn’t clear what the money was for, but it seemed like it was for Sharpton’s organization.
I was fed up, and this is when I shouted at Kimber, ‘How dare you come here and ask the people for money!’ Charging toward the front, I saw Sharpton jump up and take to the podium — the head-to-head exchange began.

Counting $100 dollar bills one at a time totaling $1,000, Sharpton challenged me to put my money where my mouth was. ‘I was once a street preacher like you,’ he said. ‘Put up or shut up!’ Whatever the original purpose for the money, Sharpton changed gears and told a startled audience that the money raised would be used to build a memorial for those who were slain. I called Kimber and Sharpton a pimp several times. We don’t need a memorial with the deceased victims’ names etched in stone — another grave marker. The pain from the families who lost loved ones due to gun violence cannot be replaced by a statue of wasted dollars.

Sharpton is a symbol of a systemic problem within the inner city church leadership in the North End of Hartford. We have a church on nearly every street corner, but crime, poverty and unemployment are skyrocketing. When the basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and belongingness are not met, unfortunately selling drugs and violence become the only option for survival.

What we need are initiatives that address economic development and finance to bring stability to our neighborhoods and to help people become self-sufficient and have a means to provide for themselves. The absence of fathers and the incarceration of black men is the modern-day slavery in our community, and we’ve allowed it. We must call our clergy to 100 percent accountability. No more grandstanding. Sharpton’s visit should be a wake-up call for all of us: ‘Many are called, but few are chosen!’ ”

Black Agenda Report commentator Glenn Ford talked about the sordid career of Sharpton in a 2014 BAR Radio segment.
“Al Sharpton is a crook who is always for sale. This is not an opinion, but a fact that is known in great detail to scores of movement activists whose paths have intersected with this talented but totally amoral hustler over the past 40 years. I personally watched him sell out the campaign to elect Jersey City, New Jersey’s first Black mayor, whom Sharpton had pledged to support, in 2001. Sharpton’s price to sow confusion among Black voters was a mere $5,000. This was only one of countless career transactions by a man whose self-proclaimed role models are the entertainer James Brown and the boxing racketeer Don King. Sharpton has sold out Black New York City many times over through his well-compensated service to billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg. He sold out Black children and the institution of public education in a bizarre multi-city, salt-and-pepper tour with arch-racist Newt Gingrich on behalf of school charterization. The 2009 Sharpton-Gingrich travelling show, chaperoned by Education Secretary and Obama basketball buddy Arne Duncan, marked Sharpton’s rise to ‘made man’ in the Obama organization – a pit bull primed to maul any political dissenters from the First Black

President’s corporate agenda. MSNBC, the corporate megaphone for the Democratic Party brand, provides Sharpton the kind of media platform that substitutes for independent Black leadership in the 21 st century. Rev. Al is what he always wanted to be: a celebrity locked in the embrace of the rich and powerful.

Ford went on to discuss a National Action Network convention which hosted President Barack Obama, then Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “If Sharpton were part of a genuine, independent Black political movement, the occasion would be an opportunity to confront the president on his global offensive against peace and world order, his militarization and destabilization of Africa, and his plans to step up the pace of the global economic Race to the Bottom through a new wave of NAFTA-like trade treaties. The convention might challenge the Attorney General to explain why Wall Street banks are too big to jail, but Americans can be imprisoned without charge or trial under a system in which the law, itself, is a secret.

The National Action Network delegates would be allowed to ask why Black people in Detroit have been disenfranchised with the acquiescence of the Democrat in the White House, and how did it come to pass that President Obama became the greatest deporter of immigrants in U.S. history? The Agriculture Secretary could explain why the administration seemed positively happy to sign a bill that wipes out billions in food stamp benefits to the poor. But, none of this will happen at Sharpton’s convention, because everything he does is an act of prostitution.

In the presence of such monstrous corruption, recent confirmation that Sharpton was an informant for the FBI’s campaign against Italian mobsters in the early Eighties seems very tame, indeed – except that it also tends to confirm other allegations that he tried to rat on Black radicals during the same period. But today, Al Sharpton is at the top of the political garbage heap, the administration’s go-to guy in the sewers. He is King Rat.”

If Sharpton was a true Black leader, he would challenge the structurally racist public policies that cause the economic conditions which fuel gun violence in poverty stricken cities like Hartford. These policies emanate from the Democratic and Republican parties. Unfortunately real grassroots activism isn’t a part of Sharpton’s program, nor will it ever be. As he showed during his visit to Hartford, Sharpton is All About the Benjamins. Props to Jarvis for putting that pimp and FBI snitch on blast.


Memphis Police Department Crisis Intervention Training:

Black Agenda Report website:

FBI documents on Al Sharpton’s work as an informant:

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