ACTION ALERT: Tell Texas DPS to Release Second Sandra Bland Dash Cam Video!

This alert appears in the July 30 – August 6 edition of the Hartford News…

Activist Kelly Wick posted this photo of a police cruiser that arrived after Texas state trooper Brian Encinia called for back up during his traffic stop of Sandra Bland. Although it’s not clear when the cruiser arrived on the scene, it is parked at an angle where its dashboard video camera may have recorded at least a portion of the struggle between Sandra and Encinia, which took place out of the view of Encinia’s dashboard camera. Encinia claimed that Sandra kicked him, which is the reason why she was charged with assaulting a police officer. Check this out from the arrest transcript. A second officer says THE KICK BY SANDRA WAS CAUGHT ON VIDEO!

Encinia: She started yanking away and then she kicked me, so I took her straight to the ground.

Female officer: And there you got it right there… I’ll search it for you if you want.

Female officer: Yeah.

Second male: I know one thing for sure, it’s on video.

Female officer: Yeah

Waller County DA Elton Mathis claims that the second police cruiser dash cam didn’t record the Sandra Bland arrest, because the memory was full. If the camera is in loop mode, it will continue recording over the oldest file when the memory is full. Logic dictates that a dash cam in a police cruiser should always be in loop mode. If not, that’s a crutch police departments can use in cases like this!

Call the Texas Department of Public Safety and ask about the status of the dashboard camera video from the cruiser seen in the photo. Texas DPS customer service: (512) 424-2000. The DPS office opens at 9:00 AM Eastern Time, 8:00 AM Central 6:00 AM Pacific. Dial 0 for operator and choose the Media and Communications option: they handle calls from the public and media. Leave a voicemail if there is no answer, so the department will know that you called. Please be polite. DPS did not return a phone call seeking comment. Please share this alert with your friends. JUSTICE FOR SANDY! BLACK WOMEN MATTER!

Transcript of Sandra Bland arrest:


7 Responses to “ACTION ALERT: Tell Texas DPS to Release Second Sandra Bland Dash Cam Video!”

  1. Jacalyn Engler Says:

    I have pulled over for an oncoming emergency vehicle that is what you are suppose to do. She was intimidated, harassed, needled and finally threatened with arrest and a very painful weapon. She was assaulted, outright with no just cause. Her crime was answering his questions politely and asking why he was arresting her. After he assaulted her than he said (for the benefit apparently of the other officer- that she caused the problem and all he was going to do was giver her a warning. I also believe she was murdered. You had an sheriff working who already had been fired for racist and inappropriate behavior.
    Police are suppose to serve and protect. She did not pose a threat to the general public- the law enforcement EMPLOYEES were behaving recklessly and dangerously and are responsible for her death.

  2. David Samuels Says:

    The traffic stop was bogus. Encinia’s dash cam video showed he was travelling at high speed in a 20 mph zone with no emergency lights or siren, as he targeted Sandra. She told Encinia that she changed lanes to get out of his way. The Texas Department of Public Safety has removed Encinia from traffic enforcement duty. The department said Encinia violated their traffic stop protocol and courtesy policy. The video on the dashboard camera of the cruiser seen in the photo could shed new light on Encinia’s accusation that Sandra assaulted him. Let’s see it!

  3. c Says:

    I am brokenhearted and angry at the same time. Ms Bland was the same age as my “baby”. So glad to see people are paying attention.

    Sgt. James Brown in San Antonio got very little attention. Please be warned the video released is gut-wrenching.

  4. David Samuels Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I shared the story about your son after reading about it on Democracy Now! a few weeks ago. I would like to set up a time to discuss this case further. I will send you an email shortly.

  5. c Says:

    David Samuels, my baby is still alive and is a young father as well, living in the States. My baby happens to have blue eyes and blonde hair. Much of my family and friends in the States do not.

    To contact Sgt.Brown’s mother, DN staff would be a good place to start.

  6. David Samuels Says:

    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  7. The Literate Schizo Says:

    What can the people do when people who are actually baited into committing all levels of crime are subject to such treatment. If you thought that this person was guilty of an unprovoked attack or a large robbery the news would be swept under a carpet and dashed later without any feedback for the sake of the sufferering families pride. This happens all the time. How many people would have a story of the raping of the mind, and spirit of the heart, in institution, if their crimes were not frowned upon. And how many people capable of shunning the unfairness of the rules and continuing to be law abiding would even care if any “criminal” were crying for forgiveness after treatment with the said evilness of what this story portrays.

    It seems as like the war raging in Syria and will continue to disgust those who pay attention but the rest of the people and children who we would rather not explain to raises the will of sufferers to wish/pray the world know what it feels like to be continually pummelled by equals with the power of self exaltation over them and laws preventing retribution in like.

    And worse still. They have the blu-print for world annihilation. They have the blu-print for all bombs and projectiles, the chemical knowledge to isolate themselves from weapons that attack the blood systems such as Ebola.

    And guess what. Black people are the practice models. They practiced on us at every change in direction. They practiced on us to learn how to make rebels to their order do more for them. How to make our Kings kneel though they sure failed to make this a norm. How could our strongest could be their workhorses. How to segregate and fail us with a bunch of misinformation. How to regulate and make all guilty, either deep inside by the power of The Word or openly by judgement of their Honorable. How to subdue a school of children by the act of paedophilia and buggery and the manifestation of closeted thoughts and action with singular and systematic abuse. (Then how to undermine the victim in legislation that punished any crime they subsequently feel no way in commital).
    And lately it’s how to survive any worldly attacks of chemical war. (Ebola was the latest test programme. AIDS (Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) speaks for itself). They need Black people to be the nurses and doctors to minimalize deaths by accidental transmission in the practice of saving a subject.
    They don’t search for a disease against a Black person anymore because that will not have any positive outcome for them. Black skins are better suited to be a shield where necessary. (Probably because of the strength of Black immune cells which require less to be able to fight all diseases.)
    And now they have instant statistical recordability so tests can be verified in record time compared to the pains taking diligence of thought which humped their backs after years of leaning over handwritten statements and editing from the offices of defence.
    How they herded Black people to neighbourhoods with the teaching that it was better like that for all of us but now they uproot and disrupt the trusts that might develop successful uprising. Somewhat alike to shooting dead a leader but nipping it in the bud. I mean cold hearted murder 1 must play on the mind of a perpetrator unless of course that was bred in. However that would raise the stakes of self annihilation because of the possible change in any volatile nature of bred operatives. (Mass murderers of whites are more likely to be white because of the secret entrusted to them becoming overwhelming).
    What is happening in Syria? Anything is possible? No doubt it is staged, something like the whole Sandra Bland fiasco and it is the response of Black people that is noted so that they might see the response of those of lighter human beings known to carry less in stuctured makeup as is the case for a white DNA. The biggest question that caused all this was: How can one hold onto everlasting power and control within the rule of nature?
    The answer “Anything goes. Everything contains a crime. And representing The Law precedes. Everyone has worth, financial, economical and ‘apparently’ racial.” Problem with that is individual representatives make the worth of a human being debatable between gain and losses. The loss from the death of a civilian should reflect in the treatment of the perpetrator whose actions lead to that civilians death. 2nd or third degree murder might be appropriate. Or how about a new charge for the officers of the Law who are soon to be more Black.
    Everything is for a reason. Being Black means your a reason for a white man.

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