A Prison Nurse’s Look at Sandra Bland’s Death

TELL TEXAS DPS TO RELEASE THE SECOND SANDRA BLAND DASH CAM VIDEO! https://hendu39.wordpress.com/2015/07/25/action-alert-tell-texas-dps-to-release-this-sandra-bland-dash-cam-video/

By Paul Spector RN, EMT-P, CPT. U.S. ARMY Ret.

I worked as an RN in a California State Prison where staged “suicides” occurred regularly. I fought for my patients, know how the cover-up works and have some insights. In 2012, I was hit by a truck, so this paper is done with a lot of help, individuals risking jobs and lives.

Behind badges and Rank, Sociopaths lurk in American prisons. Cameras are their enemy.
With scant information, some of our conclusions will be proven wrong. As more is known, we feel there will be more lies, inconsistencies and abuse uncovered. With more data will come more clarity, but the Code of Silence must be penetrated.

Prison deaths from mistreatment are mislabeled “suicide”, allowing continued abuse and avoiding lawsuits. I’ve spent 8 years trying to stop the practice that killed Sandra Bland.

Sandra’s capture, abuse and lynching is a hate crime. Usually the facts are buried with the bodies, thousands of bodies, but this is Sandra Bland, Star of Sandy Speaks.

In prison, infliction of mental and physical agony on helpless captives provides sexual pleasure to sick individuals. No penetration is needed, violent predators value power and control more. Sandra’s treatment, particularly isolation, are techniques found in CIA prisons and Guantanamo Bay. They are unbearable and leave no marks. The UN calls it torture.

A big sociopathic thrill is causing the victim so much pain they kill themselves. At my prison, CMC, a sociopath’s playground, practiced professionals using drug overdoses combined with agony in a setting of strict isolation and neglect were used to induced “suicide”. Often the target is provided with a sharp object or a plastic bag. It’s still not suicide. Sometimes though, it’s a murder made to look like suicide.

From the beginning, your driving is fine. Officer Encinia, spots you and does a U turn. Driving his cruiser aggressively, you pull over, unaware he is a predator. His act is for the camera, smoothly creating and escalating a confrontation to disguise your kidnapping as an arrest. He plans to assault you, this is about power and control, not your driving or your cigarette.

Using threats and a weapon Sandra is forced from her car. Everything that follows is for the entertainment of her abductors and has nothing to do with lawful detention whatsoever. After stealing your phone and removing you from camera range the coward attacks. Wearing a sheet, he might be OK with video but he needed the uniform to trick Sandra into surrendering.

The attack is vicious. Serious pain from metal cuffs and a wrist twist forces her to pull away, a practiced technique, part of a take-down. Following you to the ground, straddling you with knee on your spine and neck is the stuff of bondage and humiliation pornography, as is his screaming at you to stop fighting as he inflicts the worst pain of your life.

This sick scenario is experienced primarily by sexual assault victims. I’ve treated these injuries in ER’s, they are consistent with gang rape. Like Sandra, not all such victims survive. Totally inappropriate here of course. Even without penetration, this is a savage, ultimately fatal, sexual assault.

He enslaves your body but not your spirit. That’s why he pounded your head into the ground. When terror and agony couldn’t break you, he went after your mind. A smart, strong Black Woman had no place in his world so he tried to kill you. He was afraid you would Speak.

Others joined in assaulting you off-camera, trusting the “code of silence” to protect them. You now need an ambulance. As an ER nurse and a paramedic, I’m angry your request is denied. Confused and injured, your booking photo reflects trauma, both physical and psychological.

Isolation is used in N. Korea to break POW’s. Victims like Michelle Knight say it’s worse than the beatings, rapes, and starvation. It causes brain damage. Forcing Sandra to endure this additional torture was as cruel and unusual a punishment as can be imagined. It was, in fact, a death sentence, no trial needed.

My patients were regularly poisoned with Gabapentin and other drugs. Your THC ingestion in jail is poisoning too, even if you took it willingly. Cavity searched, you take nothing in and eat what they give you or be force fed. Pot didn’t contribute to your death but may have made you easier to kill and pin your death on drugs. Blaming pot for your death indicates desperation.

The plastic bag, one of the few items in your cell, is too convenient and is not supposed to be there. Deadly as a gun or knife, don’t be fooled or misled, it’s not incompetence, not a mistake, it’s a weapon. It’s there for a reason. Everyone working in prison knows this. Suicided for a traffic ticket! This SCREAMS setup.

3 days and your wounds are still filled with dirt, infected. No TD shot? Pain or fever meds? Antibiotics? Neosporin? Ice? X-rays for your wrist’s, arm, shoulder, ribs and neck? A band-aid? Lab work? A CT after the bad man, happy you had epilepsy, pounded your head into the ground? Ariel Castro took better care of his victims, as, sadly, did most slave owners.

The intake forms with questions on depression, suicide. Who filled them out? It should have been done with medical staff, but they would have treated your wounds, seen you were too traumatized to sign, corrected discrepancies, set up 15 minute checks, a suicide watch and seizure precautions at the very least. Ignoring dozens of cuts? There is no possible excuse, this paperwork reflects not just incompetence but intentional deceit.

In death, your body appears to be dehydrated, probably from neglect, fever, and internal injuries. Video shows guards drinking bottled spring water in front of you! At CMC disabling the sink to force victims to use the toilet for drinking induced dehydration. Using physical and psychological abuse, they sickened and tortured you beyond human understanding.

Fellow prisoners were prevented from cleaning your wounds or God forbid, comforting you. Exchanging your pretty dress for ugly “pepto pink”, Officer Encinia gave your broken body to his co-workers, lying in his report. He doesn’t want you to Speak. Not ever.

An unbroken chain of cruelty striped you, a Champion of Freedom, of all Freedom. From smoking a cigarette to breathing air, no life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness for you. To these uncaring monsters it’s a fun sport, a prison lynching they fully expect to get away with.

Nothing to do with a traffic ticket or cowardly Officer Encinas’s “injuries”, these are the actions of sociopaths and racists. Armed, violent predators using badges as a weapon. Events during and after your killing are the result of planning. It is even possible you were targeted before the phony traffic stop as Officers can track plates.

Locking you in a room with a dead phone and a garbage bag was intentional. Effective in separating you from your loved ones and rescue. The nonworking phone also justifies taking you to other locations, supposedly out of “kindness” but it’s a ruse. If you were removed from camera view, I suspect the worst.

At CMC this would mean humiliation and “phone book” therapy – beatings with objects that leave no mark. Waterboarding and other airway obstruction techniques, like suffocation with a plastic bag are popular and also leave no marks. The rule is keep silent or it will happen again.

In California, Doctors incorrectly certifying “suicides” are paid by the State, Texas seems no different. The organization responsible for the racist Sheriff, Officer Encinia and the incredibly negligent prison staff is given every opportunity to do a through, professional job of tampering with the evidence.

The fact your body did not show signs of a violent struggle is meaningless. Drugged or unconscious, restrained or not, the captive is 100% helpless. Use of a plastic bag to make murder look like suicide is a known prison technique. As a suicide method it’s hard to do with 2 good arms, beyond her now limited physical abilities, not part of Sandra’s knowledge base.

No defensive wounds will be found if the killers are prison workers. A big part of the game is “proving” they are smarter than the law by getting away with it. The FBI teaches them evidence procedure. Gloves on, killing with a plastic bag is easy, no prints, no struggling, no evidence.

Filled with purpose Sandra, release at hand, about to start your dream job, be reunited with your loved ones, your mission and your camera phone, you had zero motive for suicide. For you, it’s party time. Your abusers have the problem. They can’t let you Speak, a potent motive for murder.

Your faith in God, your life’s mission to make Black Lives Matter, made you, like Joan of Arc, unbreakable, a Warrior of epic proportions. With over 30 years experience, including in a Forensic State Mental Hospital, I assure you this is not and, for numerous reasons, could not, be suicide. Her death is a setup, staged. Sandra was kidnapped, violently assaulted and killed. She did not take her own life with a planted garbage bag!

Prisons excel in cover-ups. False reports and coordinated lies now discredit Law Enforcement Nationwide. Black Lives continue to slip away as Grand Jury’s look away. Supported by tax dollars, teams of lawyers and military hardware, the carnage will not be stopped by bad publicity or wishful thinking – not in Waller County, Texas, State Prisons or anywhere else


44 Responses to “A Prison Nurse’s Look at Sandra Bland’s Death”

  1. yknotbill Says:

    There are far too many unansered questions to just let this go. There needa to be an independent investigation, conducted by outside agencies.

  2. David Samuels Says:

    We need people to take ACTION and call the Texas Department of Public Safety. Demand the release of the second Sandra Bland arrest dash cam video. See the post on this blog for details.

  3. David Samuels Says:

    See the post on this page regarding the second Sandra Bland arrest dash cam video. We need folks to contact the Texas Department of Public Safety and demand that the video be released.

  4. Carolyn Esparza Says:

    We all know this occurs – regularly and frequently. It is good to have confirmation from one who has been witness to it. Thank goodness for those willing to risk speaking out against the depravity.

  5. californiaprisonwatch Says:

    Reblogged this on Prison Watch Network.

  6. k8monsta Says:

    Reblogged this on k8monsta's Blog and commented:
    Speak truth to power

  7. David Samuels Says:

    Folks who have love for Sandra Bland have an opportunity to take action on her behalf. We need people to call the Texas Department of Public Safety and demand that the dash cam video from the second cruiser that arrived at the scene of Sandra’s arrest be released. This video may prove that Sandra was falsely arrested. See our blog for details.

  8. David Samuels Says:

    That’s great but we also need Sandra Bland supporters to take action that may expose state trooper Brian Encinia for falsely arresting Sandra. We need people to call the Texas Department of Public Safety and demand that the dash cam video from the second cruiser that arrived at the scene of Sandra’s arrest be released. This video may show that Encinia’s claim that Sandra assaulted him is false. See our blog for details.

  9. dawnbramadat Says:

    Thank you for your courage…Blessings….

  10. David Samuels Says:

    Call the Texas Department of Public Safety and tell them to release the dash cam video from the second police cruiser that arrived at the scene of the Sandra Bland arrest. The video may show that Sandra was falsely arrested. Details on our blog.

  11. dawnbramadat Says:

    ok…Not sure they will listen to a Canadian, but will try….

  12. David Samuels Says:

    This is an international story. We must let them know that the world is watching. Please share the alert with your friends. Thanks.

  13. Gale Muhammad Says:

    We must Never Give up on fighting this abuse in our criminal justice systems! Step Up Speak Up Stand UP!!!!

  14. David Samuels Says:

    We need people to call the Texas Department of Public Safety and tell them to release the second dash cam video of the Sandra Bland arrest. This video may prove that Sandra was falsely arrested. See our blog for details.

  15. B. Cayenne Bird (@BCayenneBird) Says:

    Thank you for your courageous piece here! We are desperately trying to get a petition filled that asks Judge Henderson to stop the wheels on returning control of medical/mental health back to the State of California.

    Because the media has allowed itself to be banned/restricted since 1996, the public has no idea about the death toll or the horribleness of medical care taking place in the prisons. Inmate lawyers and activists are literally tortured for filing complaints and lawsuits and their due process rights are denied. I should have thousands of signatures on this petition but there are only 166. I know that what you have said here is true and can add many more nightmare facts because there is no accountability of these rogue prison employees. Please help us get Judge Henderson’s attention to reinstate media access and leave the Federal Receiver in place. chn.ge/1Jj0xRd

  16. David Samuels Says:

    I’ll post the petition on our blog and share with friends on social media. Please share our Sandra Bland Action Alert. Thanks.

  17. B. Cayenne Bird (@BCayenneBird) Says:

    Thank you David, I have shared this on all social media with notes from me.

  18. wjacobr Says:

    Reblogged this on Jacob Russell's Magic Names.

  19. David Samuels Says:


  20. Teresa Roberts Says:

    Police no longer command the respect and credence required to function effectively as peace keepers. We don’t need armed bullies with badges running our towns. The white public is starting to distrust police for what we see them doing in videos, while the black public already distrusted them from experiencing it firsthand. We need increased accountability and better qualified police in uniform. Sign the petition for change. https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Police_can_be_improved_Stop_screening_out_the_best_and_brightest_to_serve/

  21. binishahmed Says:

    Reblogged this on Binish Ahmed.

  22. lori Says:

    Thank you for bravely making this public!! I’m a psychiatric nurse, and do not doubt at all that everything you’re saying is true. Psychopaths are drawn to jobs where they can exert control over others. The system needs to change drastically!! This letter needs to be seen by every member of our government.

  23. Carolyn Esparza Says:

    Amen especially to your comment about the media allowing itself to be banned…..I recently mentioned that very issue to a reporter who responded that she was “offended” by that statement! Of course she didn’t offer to expose the system and it is highly unlikely she ever will. They run scared of the system, and as long as that happens they will never expose the injustices and corruption.

  24. lgasiii Says:

    Reblogged this on Exposing You to the Truth.

  25. John Carter Says:

    I really wish I hadn’t read this while I was eating. Forwarding.

  26. Carolyn Esparza Says:

    This is an honest and courageous essay and your comment about who gravitates to power positions confirms what those of us advocating for prison (criminal justice) reform have been shouting for years. The InterNational Prisoner’s Family Conference Advocacy in Action Coalition will be taking demands for reform to our legislators (as you suggest), and we need validation like this to support those demands. If you’d like to join the action, please visit the conference website: http://www.prisonersfamilyconference.org and see the Advocacy in Action Coalition information.

  27. nightlight1220 Says:

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  28. David Samuels Says:

    Please call Texas DPS about the second Sandra Bland dash cam video and share our action alert with your network.

  29. David Samuels Says:

    Contact Texas DPS about the second Sandra Bland dash cam video. The video may prove that Sandra was falsely arrested.

  30. David Samuels Says:

    Call Texas DPS about the second Sandra Bland dash cam video.

  31. gerod Says:

    I am disgusted. I knew they murdered her there is no question about it. It’s obvious. I’m do upset that a young lady lost her life over some dickhead that needed to make her feel like less of a person to make himself feel better. I knew in my heart she was murdered. I watched all the videos over and over again. People I recommend this. If you don’t you miss important bits and pieces. After you watch them a couple of times it’s obvious. Don’t let the media fool you they have done nothing but lie, lie some more, and cover up more lies. Do your own research and think for yourself. Watch the videos compile the evidence together and I promise once you do its obvious this was a coverup. That was not her in those jailhouse videos. The girl was bigger than sandra and had an afro while sandra had dreads. This is why it’s do important for you to watch it yourself and form your own opinion. The media was trying to play it off like it was her. We are not stupid. Good luck to her family with that lawsuit. I’m so happy that there standing up and not giving up until they have answers and Brian is in jail. The rest of America is backing you up. We got this!

  32. David Samuels Says:

    Call Texas DPS about the second Sandra Bland dash cam video. This video may prove that Sandra was falsely arrested. That would put Encinia behind bars.

  33. kristen Says:

    wow that was a little tough to read at parts, but it is these articles that get us thinking, and praying, and talking and yelling! i hope they find the truth in this case and the countless others. More importantly i hope change will come! #whathappenedtosandrabland

  34. Martin Bott Says:

    Some of the murders by the German BND, ex GESTAPO,known to the public
    Barschel(politician),Möllemann­(politician),Gehring(author),M­artina Pflock(political activist),Tron(internet activist),Karl Koch(political/internet activist),Bernd Seiffert(human rights activist),Kirsten Heisig(author/judge),Fritz Bauer(persecutor of the Frankfurt Auschwitz processes),Markus Bott(human rights activist)
    My brother Markus Bott had been tortured 5.5years by the administration of the totalitarian German state

  35. David Samuels Says:

    Call Texas DPS about the second Sandra Bland dash cam video.

  36. chocolatesmusic Says:

    The arrest was bogus and the suicide storyline always sounded fishy to me! There needs to be an FBI investigation!

  37. David Samuels Says:

    Call Texas DPS about the second Sandra Bland dash cam video. The video may prove that Sandra was falsely arrested.

  38. teachbubalu Says:

    Sickening and sad. Disturbing and infuriating. God rest Sandra Bland’s soul. I hope to share this with as many as I can. This has to stop.

  39. David Samuels Says:

    Call Texas DPS about the second Sandra Bland dash cam video. The video may prove that Sandra was falsely arrested.

  40. Jack Large Says:

    Reblogged this on The Familographer and commented:
    I can’t think about Sandra Bland without reacting in some way, however ineffectual, and retain my mental balance. Re-posting is all I have. Please help me.

    “With over 30 years experience, including in a Forensic State Mental Hospital, I assure you this is not and, for numerous reasons, could not, be suicide. Her death is a setup, staged. Sandra was kidnapped, violently assaulted and killed. She did not take her own life with a planted garbage bag!” -the author

  41. David Samuels Says:

    Call Texas DPS about the second Sandra Bland dash cam video. The video may prove that Sandra was falsely arrested.

  42. Matilda Haywood Says:

    I’m from Chicago, and while doing investigative research there found that the KKK was active on the Chicago Police Department force. They transmitted info to Texas’ police department that Ms. Sandra Bland was on her way there, and they wanted to SHUT HER DOWN because she was a VIABLE VOICE IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY IN CHICAGO! In fact, Chicago was known as one of the most RACIST and SEGREGATED cities in America. I’m sure Texas isn’t far behind!

    They were killing Black American African men and leaving them in allies around the city. I’d venture to say that the police departments in EVERY American city have a greater percentage of those who are hired to “serve and protect us” who is either a member of the KKK or has the very same psychotic, barbaric, mentally incompetent, ignorant, terroristic and racist attitude towards people of color than there are of “good, well-meaning, humane and service-oriented police persons.”

    White Racist America is responsible for this…this is the mentality of the Neo Nazi, Facist Racist Republican Party and Tea Partiers, as we watch the “troll-type circus which is supposed to be the Republican Primary! It’s a shame, a disgrace and a terroristic, animalistic downright doggish monstrosity! Are these actually human beings? I have my doubts, and I could swear that they’re MISSING SOME DNA. I think they’re little Hitlers [as Henry Ford and Herbert Walker Bush were enamored of and openly took pictures with, rode around with him in their cars and funded Adolph Hitler prior to WW2]. Birds of a feather DO tend to flock together. Hitler actually learned how to torture, maim, disembowel and murder the European Jews from what American slave owners and evil bastards who watched them do what they did without lifting even a vocal disagreement about what they were doing to Black American Africans in America.

    We’re doing all we can do to re-train them, but it’s backfiring. So I have given it up to the Universe. I’ve appealed to the Creator to take this matter into his/her/its hands and “do something that will be considered a very large epiphany and eye-opening event to check these monsters. We can’t continue like this.

    Hopefully, Attorney General Lynch will bring her office into the picture because the Texas morons don’t have the sense with which they were born, thus will not be in a position to logically conduct ANY investigation which will determine that they, themselves, are acting OUTSIDE OF THE LAW OF THE LAND!

    May every police officer who is anal retentive regarding race relations in America and who thinks that it is acceptable to treat people like animals without rights and privileges be smitten with memory impairment and suffer the most tortuous deaths imaginable so they can get a “whiff” of the decadent fecal matter of which they smell in their actions against people of color!

  43. Martin Bott Says:

    I was told that many Germans who joined the US police would immediately arrested if they returned to Germany. Because of the crimes they commited before going to the US.
    And my personal experience also shows that Germans who are criminals are funneled into other countries by the German BND, ex GESTAPO.
    One case was involved in two assassinations by the BND, ex GESTAPO, and the reward was a job as a teacher in the UK. The other case is a drugdealer who was in prison in Germany and Brasil, and still has to serve several years in Brasil, because he was helped to escape.

  44. gpena1957 Says:

    Reblogged this on gpena1957 and commented:

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