Councilwoman Cynthia Jennings Promises to Collaborate on Community Party Fire Safety Ordinance

Mary Sanders reported on a Hartford City Council meeting on Monday where she and local activists spoke about several issues of interest to the Community Party, including body cameras for HPD officers, crisis de-escalation training for HPD cops dealing with mentally ill individuals and people in crisis, equipping apartment buildings in the city with security bars that have safety releases so residents can escape in the event of a fire, CP’s New Deal 2015 job creation initiative, and the city’s failure to comply with our Freedom of Information Act requests for data on traffic tickets issued by the HPD in 2014, and a list of HPD officers with multiple sustained civilian complaints against them. We received an email from the city claiming that no such list exists; this is contradicted by a source who notified us about the existence of the list.

“Meeting went well with 4 or 5 people speaking on our agenda items. Council informed us that they have recently approved the purchase of cameras but are still trying to negotiate with the police union. I suggested they tell the officers they were going to have to start paying for their own professional liability insurance as an added incentive. After the meeting Cynthia Jennings’ aide came over and told me to write up the language for the safety releases and she would present it. I also mentioned the words, ‘multiple violations for dozens of cops, citizens’ review board, and Freedom of Information’ as well as the fact that all these jobs that need to be created will assist city men & women to get the type of jobs that MDC and others keep out of their reach.” Stay tuned for updates.


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