Community Party Radio on So-Metro Radio

Commentary on urban issues from a grassroots perspective. Next show: Tuesday, September 15 at 9:00 PM Eastern Time 8:00 PM Central 6:00 PM Pacific. Part 2 of our conversation with former LAPD officer Alex Salazar, who was on the force from 1989 – 1998. Topics will include the reign of Chief Daryl Gates, who used militarism to raise police oppression of low income communities of color to a new level, the Rodney King police brutality case and the subsequent uprising in Los Angeles following the acquittal of the officers charged in the beating, the Rampart corruption scandal, and Alex’s stint as a bodyguard for Interscope Records, an investor in Death Row Records, owned by Marion “Suge” Knight and home of Tupac Shakur. Sunday, September 13 will mark the 19th anniversary of Tupac’s murder. We will also examine the killing of rapper Christopher Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G. Former LAPD detective Russell Poole found evidence that linked LAPD officers to the crime. Tune in! Check out this interview with Alex by the Latino Rebels.


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