Check Your Electric Bill

State Representative Matt Ritter serves the 1st Assembly District in Hartford.

Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

I want to let you know that Connecticut’s Consumer Counsel is asking consumers who currently purchase their electricity from third-party electric suppliers to remain vigilant when reviewing their energy billing statements.  A recent survey found that more than three-quarters of energy consumers in Connecticut buying third party power paid more than the standard service rate.

This year, I was happy to support a bill which made Connecticut the first state in the nation to ban variable electric rates. The protections enacted require competitive electric suppliers to give their customers a 60-day notice before the end of their contracts. Suppliers cannot charge these customers a termination or early cancellation fee and must allow customers who want to switch to standard service the ability to do so within 72 hours. Please note that this ban started October 1, 2015 and only applies to new contracts and contracts renewed after that date.

If you think you are being overcharged or treated unfairly by your utility company, the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) can help. The PURA can be reached at 1-800-382-4586. As always, you can also feel free to reach out to my office if you have any questions about this or any issue.

Matt Ritter

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