We Stand with Quentin Tarantino/Safe Work Environment Act Part 2

This column appears in the November 5 – 12 edition of the Hartford News…
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Police violence against Blacks usually includes victim blaming by many whites, no matter how barbaric the violence is. I call it BS (BUT Syndrome). “South Carolina cop Michael Slager shouldn’t have shot Walter Scott 8 times in the back, BUT why did Scott run?”  I don’t know, maybe he was afraid that Slager was going to shoot him for no reason… “South Carolina cop Ben Fields, a 300 pound weightlifter and suspected steroid abuser, shouldn’t have dropped a 16-year-old 100 pound Black teen on her head and thrown her across a classroom, BUT dammit, that little Negro shouldn’t have misbehaved! Her attitude shows that her parents failed to raise her correctly!” Yeah, because we all know it’s unheard of for teens to be moody and act up in class. Strange, with the exception of Sandy Hook, we don’t hear about parenting after these school shootings that have been popping off for the last 15 years. Gee, I wonder why?

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is being attacked for telling the truth about police murder. The Community Party stands with Tarantino and police officers such as retired LAPD Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey, former LAPD officer Alex Salazar, and former Auburn, Alabama officer Justin Hanners, who are speaking out against racism, brutality and corruption.

This week we’ll share Part 2 of a post from the Undercover Lawyer blog site on strategies you can use to fight back against abusive workplace conduct. Coming in 2016: the Community Party’s Safe Work Environment Act, an anti-workplace bullying bill. https://hendu39.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/real-protection-against-workplace-bullying-safe-work-environment-act/ Visit the Undercover Lawyer: http://undercoverlawyer.hubpages.com/
6. Don’t Allow Yourself to be Intimidated
This is the hardest thing to do when someone is trying to intimidate you: to not be intimidated. But just remember that if someone is trying to intimidate you, it is aggression. They are doing it deliberately. They think they can intimidate you.
Just remember that you have just as much right to be at that workplace as they do. You were hired to do a job, and have been given legitimacy by being hired. Even if the person is your supervisor or has been there longer than you, they don’t have the right to make you feel small or less.
Don’t allow the inappropriate behavior. It the bully says something that is clearly not in line, acknowledge it and address the inappropriateness in a polite but firm tone.
Of course, it it important to distinguish between warranted discipline by the boss and inappropriate action. If you need to do better or get your work done better, your supervisor has the obligation to let you know. But she does not have the right to watch you constantly for mistakes, call you out loudly in front of other employees or insult you personally.
There is a lot of information about how to deal with bullies, each with its own viewpoint. The site, KickBully.com, outlines how to understand the bully, and in essence, beat him at his own game. Other sites, such as BullyOnline, focus more on getting outside intervention with your problem.
Whichever way you go, plan your approach and make a promise to yourself that you will not allow this to go on indefinitely. You will either learn to confront, and communicate with the harasser in a way that is effective, you will try to get outside help, or you will leave. It is intolerable to not to do anything for too long.

7. Don’t isolate yourself

One of the bully’s tactics will often be to isolate you from fellow workers by encouraging gossip about you, by allowing fellow employees to bully you, as well.
As you become more and more of the obvious target in the workplace, other employees may feel that it is not in their career’s best interest to align themselves with someone that the boss doesn’t like. You may lose people you thought were friends.
The important thing to do, is not give in to this. Keep your relationships with co-workers as strong as you can. You may lose some “friends,” but keep the real friends close to you. Let them know what is going on, without going on and on about it, but acknowledge that it happening. You need support during this time.
You may be tempted to cut yourself off because the harassment is making you feel bad about yourself, but don’t succumb to those feelings. Fight through and keep the friendships strong.

8. Don’t Wait Too Long To Ask For Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you are going through this type of experience, you may feel embarrassed to ask for help, and that is understandable.
But don’t wait too long to ask for help, because the longer you wait, the more beaten down you can start to feel. It’s better to ask for help early on, so that you can learn your rights, and also know that you are not alone.
Possible people to talk to are your Human Resources department of your company, a wise friend, a counsellor or a pastor. This excellent article by Patty Inglish MS. gives excelllent advice in dealing with the bully and also brings up using the EAP services at your company, or your union.You may also consider talking to a lawyer about your rights.
Asking for help can be problematic, too. You don’t always know if they will be willing to stand up for you. Sometimes HR departments are part of the problem, too.
Also, if someone tells you that you don’t have a case, don’t take their word for it. Try talking to another person, because you don’t know if they perhaps are not knowledgeable, are afraid to cause waves, or are part of what is happening.
But whatever you do, get help as soon as you realize that it really is happening. In this situation, waiting does not benefit. You need to bolster your strength by getting support while you still have your confidence left. After continued harassment, it is harder to reach out.

9. Don’t Forget To Take Care of Yourself 

Pin It<img src=”http://usercontent1.hubimg.com/7002934_f248.jpg” width=”248″ height=”618″ alt=”Take care of yourself if you are suffering from workplace abuse. ” title=”Take care of yourself if you are suffering from workplace abuse. ” class=”half_frame”/>
When a person goes through the experience of workplace harassment, it is very emotionally taxing. A person can feel confusion, high stress, doubt, anger and helplessness. To deal with this power keg of emotions, it is extremely important to take care of yourself even more than you usually do.
When faced with stressful situations, some of us turn to addictive behaviours, others may experience family conflict, or use escapism to get their mind off it. These are all negative ways of dealing with stress, and hurt more in the long run.
Try to eat right, take some time for some exercise, and do some things that you enjoy. If the boss is piling extra work on you, don’t let it consume your whole life. Take a break.
Take time with your family and friends, and talk to them about what is happening, too.

10. Don’t Stay Too Long

The decision of whether or not to stay in a harassment situation is a very personal one. If you are willing to stay and fight it in whatever way that is advisable, then perhaps you will be able to make a difference with your actions. You can’t change the bully himself, but you may be able to shine some truth into what is happening, and help stop it from happening to other people.
If the situation is getting to you, though, don’t stay too long. Your health and well-being is more important than money. Don’t let yourself get so beaten down that you lose your confidence for the next job. This is your decision, but listen to what your body is telling you. If you are always stressed, with no relief, your body may be telling you that it’s time to move on.
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