Hartford Elections Analysis/India Kager Police Murder Case

This column appears in the November 12 – 19 edition of the Hartford News…
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Policy Watch

While the names have changed, the results of the November 3 municipal elections in Hartford offer no indication that there will be any significant differences in terms of policy. Corporatist Democrat Mayor-elect Luke Bronin replaces corporatist Democrat Mayor Pedro Segarra. Gov. Dan Malloy, who has intensified his attacks on Connecticut’s most vulnerable populations this year with his despicable fiscal policies, was on hand at Bronin campaign headquarters to give his staff member an official seal of approval. That’s not a typo: in my opinion the Malloy administration has unofficially set up a satellite office in City Hall, where Malloy’s former general counsel will now call the shots. The city council composition remains unchanged with six Democrats and three Working Families Party members. WFP did not endorse their own party member, Joel Cruz, who ran against Bronin as a petitioning candidate. The “third party” organization endorsed Malloy in both of his successful gubernatorial campaigns, despite Malloy soaking the working class with taxes, threatening state employees (I’m a state worker) into ratifying a concessions deal that they had voted down weeks before, and his refusal to implement a progressive tax code and end corporate tax breaks that cost this state SIX BILLION DOLLARS in revenue. The corporate media coverage of the municipal election results was the equivalent of a TV commercial for a “new and improved ” brand of detergent: new package, same old product.

Justice for India Kager       
28-year-old India Kager was a Navy veteran, postal carrier and mother of two sons, four-year-old Evan and four-month-old Roman, who was in the backseat of a parked car India was sitting in on September 5th when the car was approached by four Virginia Beach police officers.* Roman lost his mother and barely escaped with his own new, fragile life after the reckless, murderous actions of these killer cops. Police had been monitoring India’s boyfriend, 35-year-old Angelo Delano Perry, for thirty minutes, information that you should keep in mind. Perry was a person of interest in a homicide investigation, according to Va. Beach Police Chief Jim Cervera. The officers made the decision to approach Perry’s car as it was parked outside of a local 7-Eleven. Two unmarked police cars, a silver van and blue truck, pulled up and blocked Perry’s vehicle.* Perry fired four shots, which didn’t wound the officers.** They responded by tossing a flash-bang grenade and letting off 30 rounds of gunfire, killing Perry and India. The confrontation was over in just 15 seconds.

Remember that the officers involved in the shooting claimed they didn’t know an infant was sitting in the back seat, despite the fact that they had the car under surveillance for 30 MINUTES. They damn sure were aware that there was a woman in the car, who they knew had no involvement in Perry’s alleged activities. I recently connected with India’s mother Gina Best on Facebook. Gina raises some serious questions, as Britni Danielle pointed out in her Clutch Magazine report on the shooting. “After her death, Kager’s mother, Gina Best, wondered why police chose to confront Perry even though they knew he wasn’t alone. ‘It was very clear to me that India was not part of the police investigation based on the responses I got from police. She had nothing to do with it. She was totally innocent,’ Best told the Washington Post. ‘Did they find any weapons on India? Did she pose a threat? Why did [police] shoot into a car with a baby and woman who had nothing to do with their investigation?’ Best continued: ‘My greatest fear is it will be doctored … to make India seem like she’s part of dark behavior. India was not of that element,’ she explained, telling reporters Kager’s father and grandfather were both retired police officers.”    


Gina expressed her frustration in a recent Facebook post: she talked about the Virginia Beach police obstructing her efforts to get answers about her daughter’s death. The post included photos from the scene of the crime.  “**PLEASE SHARE ** These are the unmarked #VirginiaBeachPolice vehicles (silver van and blue truck) that blocked my daughter, #IndiaKager’s car. The police swiftly approached with high-powered rifles drawn and threw a flash-bang grenade firing 30 rifle rounds into her PARKED car with baby inside!! This militarized AMBUSH and EXECUTION was caught on VIDEO. (See camera pointed directly at India’s car) We’re being stonewalled. We NEED THE 7-ELEVEN VIDEO and POLICE REPORTS RELEASED NOW! Please help me raise awareness and seek #JusticeForIndiaKager and her precious little boys, Roman and Evan. I can’t do this alone…”

Dallas activist Kelly Wick uncovered the incestuous connections of Virginia Beach Sheriff Ken Stolle:

Chris Stolle         Virginia House of Delegates Representative

Colin Stolle          City of Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney

Graham Stolle    (Chris’ son) Assistant City Attorney City of Hamilton Virginia Beach, VA
CJ Stolle             Former Chief of Staff Virginia House of Delegates
Ross Stolle          Virginia Beach police officer

The Community Party’s Meagan Hockaday Act will include enhanced criminal penalties for excessive use of force by police against mentally ill individuals and people in crisis, and excessive force whenever children are present. Our Sandra Bland Police Reform and Economic Justice Plan is aimed at dismantling the system that protects police officers who engage in corruption, brutality and murder. The India Kager case is yet another example of unarmed Black women and their children being the victims of killer cops (see Resources). Gina will be a guest on the aforementioned November 17 edition of Community Party Radio on So-Metro Radio.

*  Gina has pointed out a couple of errors in media reports about the shooting. India’s correct age is 27, not 28. Also, the vehicle in which India was shot belonged to her. The source for my information was Clutch Magazine.

** Gina disputes the claim by police that Perry fired on the officers first.


Community Party Sandra Bland Police Reform and Economic Justice Plan:


New Mexico state trooper fires on a minivan full of children:


Detroit police officer Joseph Weekley fatally shoots 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones:


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