Antonio Guzmán López

There will be no Community Party Hartford News column this week, due to a special holiday edition of the newspaper. We’ll share a post from SF Bay Media by Laurie Valdez, the widow of police murder victim Antonio Guzman Lopez. Antonio was shot by San Jose State University police officers Sgt. Mike Santos and officer Frits van der Hoek.

Check out the SF Bay Media website:

Antonio Guzmán López

Age: 38 – San Jose, CA – February 21, 2014

Note: Antonio’s quoted story below is part of an email sent to SFBayMedia on 2015-03-21 01:22 by Laurie Valdez; Antonio’s Wife, now Widow.

“On February 21st, 2014 Antonio Guzman Lopez, an undocumented immigrant was shot and killed by the two shots in his back, in which one bullet pierced his heart. The persons responsible for this cruelty are VanderHoek and Santos of SJSU PD.

Antonio was on his way to our house, but never made it. I know Antonio would never do what they claim. He was always very respectful and non violent whenever he was approached by police, which was quite often. Prior to his death, Antonio would say, ” these Cops are going to kill me, they don’t want me here, they hate me cause I’m from Mexico” I use to tell him, ” they can’t kill you just because you are from Mexico!” But they Did!

After 13 months and still no answers as to why or how this happened, leads me only to believe what I felt in my gut from the beginning, is the Officers were lying and trying to cover up their wrongful actions.

Two witnesses I spoke to personally, both described the same thing of what happened from two different places. And both said, Antonio never charged at either one of the Officers. He was eating food on the grass when they drove up, knowing Antonio he proceeded to leave where he was before they start harassing him so he walked away…not knowing they would kill him. At no time did either officers say anything to Antonio, or spoke Spanish. In fact the officer driving SUV was the one who got off and shot at him three times without warning and hit him twice, one through the heart. Meanwhile his partner was sitting in car, doing who knows what? Taser was never deployed like they claim, and witnesses said he never had a knife in his hand? They saw a blue Gatorade in one hand and a plastic bag and sweater in the other.

I asked if anyone did CPR to try and save him, they said No! They in fact put him in handcuffs, even though he was dead and not a threat. But when SJPD arrived they had them remove handcuffs. There was also a plain clothes officer at the scene within seconds of Antonio’s face hitting the pavement. Neighbors said, the officers who canvassed that day were trying to intimidate potential witnesses, and telling different stories about what happened. Why? Character assassination to try and Justify the murdered an innocent man. They racially profiled Antonio, because he was undocumented and thought nobody would come forward and they would get away with murdering him! Both officers had body cams…but still have not been released for viewing, Why?

Transparency = Show body cams both of them

Truth = Who shot and killed him?

Integrity = Conflict of Interest, Vanderhoek was working as desk clerk for District Attorney Office at the time of Antonio’s murder and avoided giving details when asked, until recently.

The lack of Communication and Bias Conduct makes me believe this investigation has not been handled appropriately and too many persons getting involved and nobody communicates anything to me. No Respect or Fair Treatment of our Rights, as Victim Survivors according to Marsys Law has been upheld by anyone. No concern of the emotional and mental abuse to my children caused by this Trauma which will affect them forever. I will not be Silent, while the murderers are comfortable with their families…when they destroyed my family and broke the hearts of my children. They killed for Power and Control only! Afraid for their Life, is a excuse and Lie!”

Note from No Sell Out: Antonio would have celebrated his 40th birthday November 15. Antonio was mentioned by Quentin Tarantino during his MSNBC interview about Tarantino’s comments on police murder.


Justice for Josiah:

Full Quentin Tarantino MSNBC interview with Chris Hayes:


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