Community Party Radio on So-Metro Radio December 1

Community Party Radio on So-Metro Radio. Commentary on urban issues from a grassroots perspective. Next show Tuesday, December 1 9:00 PM Eastern Time 8:00 PM Central 6:00 PM Pacific. Social worker Janet Frazao-Conaci will join us to talk about the Colorado Springs terror attack on Planned Parenthood and the Connecticut state budget issue. We’ll also talk about racism and workplace bullying at Connecticut Valley Hospital. CVH employees John Hollis and Michael Henandez will join us. Replays the following Wednesday, same time.


Department of Justice Classifies Anti-Abortion Extremists as a “current domestic terror threat”:

Journalist Bill Moyers examines the link between hate speech by popular right-wing media personalities, and domestic terrorism:

Community Party Sandra Bland Police Reform and Economic Justice Plan:

CT Voices for Children archive of fiscal policy reports and recommendations:

Connecticut Mirror Budget/Economy archive of articles:

NBC Connecticut report – CVH retaliates against whistleblower employee for reporting unsafe working conditions:

Data on workplace bullying and racism at CVH:


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