2014 Hartford Police Department List of Officers with Sustained Complaints

This column appears in the December 24 – January 7 edition of the Hartford News…

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Correction: This list includes officers with at least one sustained complaint.

Below is a list of 29 Hartford Police officers who have had civilian complaints sustained against them by the Hartford Civilian Police Review Board (HCPRB) in 2014. The Community Party obtained this list through a Freedom of Information Act request. The number of officers on this list increased from 19 in 2013 to 29 in 2014. Big shout out to the cops nationwide who are speaking out against racism, brutality and corruption. https://www.facebook.com/PeacefulStreets/photos/a.349724435087459.82412.346419072084662/969893656403864/?type=3

The names of the police officers are followed by the complaints that were sustained by the HCPRB and the date of the ruling. (ACRONYMS: D/A=Discourteous Attitude; C/U=Conduct Unbecoming; C/R=Civil Rights Violation; P/L=Profane Language; E/F= Excessive Force; N/of Duty=Neglect of Duty; Vio. C/C= Violation of Code of Conduct.)

Barega, Kelly: Neglect of Duty, 10/21/2014

Bojka, Luan: Discourteous Attitude, Neglect of Duty, 9/16/2014

Brannick, Maritza: Poor Service, 5/20/2014

Brannick, Maritza: Civil Rights Vio, Illegal Arrest, Neglect of Duty, 9/16/2014

Dacruz, Marc: Illegal Search & Seizure, Illegal Arrest, 11/18/2014

Kessler, Steven: Discourteous Attitude, 9/16/2014

Kessler, Steven: Excessive Force During Arrest, 11/18/2014

Kidik, Jill: Conduct Unbec, D/A, Harass, Vio of C/C, 3/18/2014

Kidik, Jill: Discourteous Attitude, 10/21/2014

Kidik, Jill: D/A, Excessive Force, Profane Language, 11/18/2014

Last, Rocky: Poor Service, 11/18/2014

Last, Rocky: Neglect of Duty, 9/16/2014

Lee, Kent (Retired): C/R Vio, Comm of Crime, C/U, D/A, N/Duty, Vio C/C, 9/16/2014

Morales, Hector: Poor Service, Vio of Code of Conduct, 9/17/2014

Martinez, Juan: Poor Service, Discourteous Attitude, 10/21/2014

Morales, Hector: N/of Duty, 10/21/2014

Nelson, Brian: N/of Duty, P/L, Harassment, 5/20/2014

Nelson, Brian: C/R Vio, Cond Unb, D/A, E/F, P/L, Vio C/C, 6/17/2014

Newell, James: Cond Unb, D/C, E/F, Hararssment, PL, Vio C/C, 11/18/2014

Oshur, Anatoly: D/A, Negl of Duty, Vio of Code of Cond, P/L, 9/16/2014

Montrose, Jay: Excessive Force During Arrest, 11/18/2014

Parker, Scott: Excessive Force, P/L, 3/18/2014

Perez, Gamaliel: Traffic Complaint, 5/20/2014

Romanchuck, Kevin: Civil Rights Vio, D/A, Cond Unb, E/F after arrest, 3/18/2014

Pethigal, Jeffrey: C/U, D/C, E/F, Harassm P/L, Vio of C/C, 11/18/2014

Rivera, Leslie: D/A, Illegal Arrest, 5/20/14

Rodriguez-Perez, Marisol: D/A. P/L, 5/20/14

Santiago, Obdulio: C/R, D/A, C/U, 3/18/14

Sauvron, William: C/U, Harassment, 9/16/14

Sheldon, Michael (retired): C/R, C/U, D/A, N/of Duty, Vio. C/C, 9/16/14

Sherbo, Joseph: C/R, Harassment, D/A, P/L, C/U, Illegal Arrest, 5/20/14

Stachowicz, Kamil: C/U, 1/20/15 (Judement made in 2015 due to the lack of a quorum at the HCPRB’s December, 2014 meeting.)

Stroud, Jessica: D/A, N/of Duty, 9/16/14

Taylor, Michael: C/U, D/A, Vio. C/C, 6/17/14

Watson, Sonia: C/U, N/of Duty, Vio. C/C, P/L, 9/16/14

Yergeau, Edward: P/L, 10/21/14


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Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission: http://www.ct.gov/foi/site/default.asp

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