Replay Wednesday: Community Party Radio on So-Metro Radio

Commentary on urban issues from a grassroots perspective. Rick Torres, a member of the Hartford Police Civilian Review Board, will join us. The Community Party recently used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the board’s 2014 list of Hartford Police officers with sustained civilian complaints against them. There are 29 officers on the list, an increase from 19 officers in 2013. St. Louis activist Toni Taylor will also be a guest. Toni’s son Cary Ball, Jr. was murdered on April 24, 2013 by two St. Louis police officers. Cary was shot 21 times after raising his hands in surrender. Toni will talk about her son’s case and the Cary on the Ball Foundation. 9:00 PM Eastern Time 8:00 PM Central Time 6:00 PM Pacific Time. Tune in!


2014 Hartford Police Department List of Officers with Sustained Complaints:

Justice for Cary Ball, Jr. Facebook page:

Community Party 2016 Legislative Package:

Meagan Hockaday Act:

Trayvon Martin Act:

Sandra Bland Police Reform and Economic Justice Plan:

Connecticut General Assembly 2016 Regular Session convenes February 3rd 2016 and adjourns May 4th 2016:




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