REPLAY WEDNESDAY: Community Party Radio on So-Metro Radio

The planet’s PREMIER Soul, RnB and talk radio station. Debbie Duncan Cook and co-host Mary Sanders will talk about the Connecticut marijuana legalization bill. Howaste will talk about police violence against Native Americans, and socio-economic issues affecting the Native American community. We’ll have highlights of a California event organized by Laurie Valdez, widow of Antonio Guzman Lopez, and other police reform activists to honor the memory of victims of police murder. 8:00 PM Eastern Time 7:00 PM Central 5:00 PM Pacific.


Policy Watch: Meagan Matters Update/Marijuana Legalization/ Tenants’ Rights/Workplace Bullying:

Howaste Wakiya:

Sheila Eacret:

The Truth Must Be Told: The In-Custody Death of Raymond Eacret

Laurie Valdez:

Justice for Josiah Facebook page:

United Voices Against State Sponsored Violence:


2 Responses to “REPLAY WEDNESDAY: Community Party Radio on So-Metro Radio”

  1. ciedie aech Says:

    Wow — what a wonderful movement, and what a necessary outlet for voices so little heard!

  2. David Samuels Says:

    Thanks, tune in to our next show on Tuesday, March 15.

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