Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein

by David Samuels
This column appears in the August 4 – 11 edition of the Hartford News…
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Jill Stein 2016
Hillary Clinton supporters, who spread fear by saying a vote for Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is a vote for Donald Trump, leave out an important fact. The Democrats and Republicans refuse to implement ranked choice voting nationally, which would prevent a splitting of the vote in the presidential election. Stein explained how rank choice voting works during an interview with The Real News Network producer Kwame Rose.
“I would feel terrible if Donald Trump was elected, and I would feel terrible if Hillary Clinton was elected, and I feel most terrible about a political system that pretends all we have is two choices. And those are two deadly choices. We could actually pass rank choice voting right now, which gets rid of the fear, it gets rid of the splitting of the vote. We could pass that right now in any state legislature across the land. The legislature could convene in an emergency session and pass this voting reform that’s used across America from San Francisco and Oakland through the Twin Cities to Portland, Maine, and in countries around the world. It lets you list your top choice as number one, and your second choice as number two. If your first choice loses, you automatically get your second choice. Your vote is reassigned to your second choice. So there’s no splitting of the vote.
They won’t pass it. My campaign helped file this bill, this legislation, in the Massachusetts legislature when I first ran for office back in 2002, running for governor against Mitt Romney. They would not let the bill out of committee, even though it was 85 percent Democrats. They could have passed that bill to protect, you know, to protect the vote and prevent any spoiling. They did not pass it, because they knew that if they allowed people to actually vote their values and not their fears that people might very well start voting for my campaign in very large numbers.
They rely on fear. The fact that they rely on fear tells you something very important. They are not your friend, and they don’t intend to do what it is that you want and need. That ought to be enough right there to lose your support for them.”  Stein’s revolutionary campaign platform includes a Green New Deal federal jobs program, free health care, ending the racist so-called War on Drugs and cancelling student debt, as a means of stimulating the economy.
Stein talked about Trump and Clinton during a Democracy Now! debate with former NAACP president Ben Jealous, a Bernie Sanders supporter who has endorsed Clinton.
“Donald Trump is a very dangerous person. He says extremely despicable, reprehensible things. But at the same time, Hillary Clinton has a track record for doing absolutely horrific things, for expanding wars, in the likes of Libya, for example. There could hardly be an example of a more catastrophic war, which has been more problematic for increasing the terrorist threats. Finger on the nuclear button? I worry very much about the air war that Hillary Clinton would like to start over Syria with this no-fly zone against a nuclear-armed power in the form of Russia.
And in terms of racism, the immigrant deportations that Hillary has approved of and has supported are equally horrific. Whether it’s against black people or Muslim people or Latinos, it’s not acceptable for anyone. And, in fact, Hillary played a major role in creating the refugees, the waves of refugees, particularly coming out of Honduras, into this country, where she’s supported the deportation of women and children, and, in fact, the night raids that are going on, and, under the Obama White House, the greatest number of immigrants who have actually been deported.
Further, let me say, I think it’s so important for us to have unity to stop Donald Trump. And it’s important to point out that the most powerful way to stop Donald Trump was, in fact, sabotaged by the Democratic Party and by Hillary Clinton by way of stopping Bernie Sanders’ campaign, as he himself and many others have pointed out. It’s so true historically—we know this from Nazi Germany—that it’s really important to have a unified front and a strong progressive coalition in order to stop neofascism. It’s not just Donald Trump. We are seeing this in Europe, as well, as well as in other countries, and particularly throughout the U.S. The problem is not Donald Trump alone. The problem is the policies of neoliberalism, of austerity, of the Wall Street deregulation and the NAFTA, which Hillary Clinton herself represents, has promoted. Putting another Clinton in the White House, unfortunately, is not the answer. It will only fan the flames of the right-wing extremism that Donald Trump represents. If we want to defeat Donald Trump, it’s very important that we really rally and unify, in my view, around a truly progressive campaign. Hillary Clinton represents the opposite of that. My campaign represents the continuing agenda of the Bernie Sanders campaign.”
Acting Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile’s ‘apology’ to Sanders was actually an attempt to minimize the importance of the Wikileaks email dump. This isn’t about Sanders being called bad names. The emails revealed that the DNC, which is supposed to be neutral during elections, conspired with corporate media outlets and other parties to sabotage the campaign of a presidential candidate they didn’t like. This is about the ruling class deciding who your ‘choices’ will be when you go to vote in November. The emails also exposed intricate details on how money influences the Democratic Party. Sanders’ exit from the race makes Stein’s campaign the only sane choice for true progressives. Stein’s comments to DN about neoliberalism and austerity apply to Gov. Dan Malloy and Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin, who have launched a neoliberal attack on the poor, human services providers and public sector workers by passing austerity budgets.  The public sector is the largest employer of Black people and women.
Stein talked during the DN debate about her campaign being a viable option for young voters. “Let’s avoid any splitting of the vote. We don’t have to—and the other point here is that the American public is leading the charge. They are the ones who are rejecting these candidates and these political parties, saying that the two candidates we have now are the most untrustworthy, the most disliked. And who are the pundits to tell them, to tell the American people, who are being thrown under the bus, ‘Be good little boys and girls. Just support these candidates of the political establishment to do more of their damage’? Remember, you do not defeat neofascism through neoliberalism. Neoliberalism will create more neofascism. We have the potential not to split the vote, but to flip the vote, because there are 42 million young people who have no way forward, who are trapped in predatory student loan debt, about which Democrats happen to have nothing to offer, any more than Republicans. By simply getting the word out that they can come out—that is a plurality of the vote—they can come out and actually win this election, and not only win it, to cancel student debt, like we did for the friggin’ bankers, the crooks on Wall Street. We can cancel that debt, make higher education free, end police violence. These are all eminently solvable problems.
The Democrats, even when they had two Democratic houses of Congress, what did they do? They bailed out Wall Street. You know, they enacted all of the above, which has been basically ‘drill, baby, drill’ on steroids. Hillary Clinton’s finger on the button is as dangerous as—certainly as dangerous as Donald Trump. And it’s Barack Obama himself who initiated the new nuclear arms race, spending a trillion dollars. We should not rest easy with either candidate.”

The Clintons are neoliberal racists. President Bill Clinton’s crime and welfare legislation entrenched Black mass incarceration and fueled extreme poverty, respectively. Hillary enthusiastically supported both bills, which decimated communities of color. It is infuriating to me as a Black man that white liberals are supporting Hillary, just so they can get a liberal Supreme Court judge to rule on their pet issues. Liberals who support Hillary don’t care how much more damage the Clintons do to communities of color, as long as SCOTUS decisions favor liberals. Stein certainly would nominate a judge who would be far more progressive than anyone Hillary, a centrist, would select. This election has exposed racism by liberals and conservatives. Trump isn’t the only presidential candidate with a history of Islamophobia, immigrant bashing and bigoted remarks. Sen. Clinton told ABC News anchor Sam Donaldson that she supported profiling of Muslims, during a 2001 interview days after the 9/11 terror attacks.  Clinton said she was “adamantly against illegal immigrants” during a 2003 radio interview with talk show host John Gambling.  As Stein mentioned, the violent coup in Honduras that Clinton supported resulted in children from that country fleeing to the United States; Clinton blocked their entry into this country. During a 2003 speech, Clinton made a joke about Mahatma Gandhi owning a convenience store.  Bill Clinton said Hillary is “The best darn change-maker I ever met.” Great. When I need to break a twenty dollar bill, I’ll call Hillary. I’ll vote for Stein in November. The Green Party is working to get Stein on the ballot in Connecticut. Check out the CT Petitioners for Jill Stein Facebook page.

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