Community Party Radio on So-Metro Radio

The planet’s PREMIER Soul, RnB and talk radio station. Community Party Radio on So-Metro Radio returns Tuesday, September 6. Commentary on urban issues from a grassroots perspective. Co-host Mary L. Sanders and I will talk about the Dakota Access pipeline company’s brutal attack on peaceful Native American protesters. We will also discuss San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s racial justice movement, and Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein challenging former vice president Al Gore to support ranked choice voting. 8:00 PM Eastern Time 7:00 PM Central 5:00 PM Pacific. Visit for info on replays, and podcasts. #SteinBaraka #JillNotHill



Emergency motion filed Sunday to stop Dakota Access Pipeline construction:

Dakota Access Pipeline: Tribe Files Emergency Motion to Halt Construction

Dakota Access Pipeline Company Attacks Native American Protesters with Dogs & Pepper Spray:



George Rizsanyi

Anyone interested in emailing the “Media Relations” person of the Dakota Access pipeline, here is the email address:


Ken Kevilus

Hey anyone standing with Standing Rock but can’t get there to help. If you want to help, boycott Sunoco Gas Stations. The same man who is building the Dakota Access pipeline. He also owns that chain of gas stations…..and is emotionally invested in the brand.
He’d take it real personal if we boycotted him nationally. Organized protests at the Sunoco Gas station nearest you. And generally make Sunoco synonymous with attacking our clean water and the good people trying to defend it.
Tell your friends, tell your relatives.
Share this along. Let’s make it go viral. Please help get the word out.
Boycott Sunoco Gas Stations
The company building the pipeline is Energy Transfer Equity. The man who owns both the pipeline company and the gas station chain is Kelcy Warren, we should do what we can to help make him famous for hurting woman and children. Destroying our watersheds and our planet.

Full Democracy Now! coverage of the Dakota Access pipeline company’s attack on peaceful Native American protesters:
Drew Brees’ criticism of Colin Kaepernick is so old Martin Luther King Jr. once decried it:
Jill Stein Challenges Al Gore to Support Ranked Choice Voting:
Jill Stein on Connecticut Ballot:
Pledge to Demand Open Debates:

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