Political Roundup: Ranked Choice Voting/Colin Kaepernick/Ajamu Baraka Part 2

by David Samuels




This column appears in the September 22 – 29 edition of the Hartford News…




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Josh Elliott, Candidate for State Representative



Check out CP’s No Sellout blog for a profile provided by Josh Elliott, who is running for a seat in the Connecticut General Assembly. Includes info on making a donation. Election Day is November 8. https://hendu39.wordpress.com/2016/05/14/election-2016-candidate-tracker-josh-elliott/






Community Update




Ranked Choice Voting: Vote Your Conscience, Not Your Fear!




Telesur English report: “Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders discouraged people from voting for third party candidates in the upcoming Nov. 7 election and instead vote for Hillary Clinton in order to prevent a Donald Trump presidency.

However, Sanders, who made the remarks on MSNBC program ‘Morning Joe’ on Friday, said people should be ready to protest the day after the election to push for a progressive agenda. ‘I would suggest to those people, let us elect Hillary Clinton as president and that day after let us mobilize millions of people around the progressive agenda which was passed in the Democratic platform,’ Sanders said.”


If Sanders was truly about ‘revolution’, he would support Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein’s challenge to former vice president Al Gore and Democratic Party leaders, to implement ranked choice voting. https://hendu39.wordpress.com/2016/09/05/jill-stein-challenges-al-gore-to-support-ranked-choice-voting/ This system would allow a voter to select BOTH Dr. Stein as their first choice, and Clinton as their second. If Dr. Stein loses, their vote would automatically be assigned to Clinton. No splitting of the vote. The Democrats won’t support ranked choice voting, because they want to hold voters on the left hostage. My colleague Mary Sanders spoke in support of ranked choice voting during a Hartford city council meeting last week. See our Resources section for more information.





State Budget


Fox 61 The Real Story host Al Terzi interviewed House Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz last Sunday. Terzi asked Aresimowicz how he will explain to state employee unions (I’m a state worker) that it’s “necessary” they agree to concessions in order to balance the next state budget, which includes a projected deficit of more than $1 billion. State employees have agreed to concessions TWICE since 2009, while the tax system remains regressive: the middle class and the poor in Connecticut pay more in taxes than the rich. http://www.ctvoices.org/publications/reality-check-who-pays-taxes-connecticut This state loses over SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS in revenue, due to corporate welfare. http://www.ctvoices.org/publications/reviewing-tax-expenditures-improving-transparency-and-accountability-over-7-billion-boo  What’s “necessary” is that voters elect progressive candidates such as Hamden state representative candidate Josh Elliott (see our candidate profile), who wants to make the rich and big businesses pay their fair share.






Colin Kaepernick




White America continues to throw a tantrum over Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest. Pure comedy. Blacks don’t need whites’ permission, nor their approval to protest. Actually, we prefer it if whites don’t like it. If bigots’ heads aren’t exploding and whites like ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer aren’t complaining, we know that we’re doing something wrong. It’s so inspiring to see the movement Kaepernick has sparked. It’s growing day by day, week by week. Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall, who has joined Kaepernick in kneeling during the anthem, met with the Denver police chief, and announced that he will donate $300 to social issue groups every time he makes a tackle. Marshall lost two commercial endorsements, but Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons announced that he would sign Marshall to endorse his RushCard. Kaepernick and his 49ers teammate Eric Reid are posting tweets about police violence, and other racial justice issues. Kaepernick is retweeting posts by straight up Black radicals; no watering down his message. Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Jared Odrick wrote a brilliant essay on Black liberation. http://mmqb.si.com/mmqb/2016/09/12/jared-odrick-colin-kaepernick-national-anthem  Kaepernick recently announced that he is strategizing with social justice organizations, as they prepare to do work on the ground in communities of color. College, high school and youth football players, along with students of all ages have joined the anthem protest. Can’t wait to see where this movement goes. Mary Sanders and I debated former Major League Baseball player and ESPN Radio host Rob Dibble about Kaepernick’s activism. Due to technical difficulties, the segment with Dibble began about 30 minutes into the August 30 edition of Community Party Radio. You can listen to the podcast here.

http://www.spreaker.com/user/thebwegroup/community-party-radio-hosted-by-david-sa_27  Big shout out to ESPN Radio hosts Robin Lundberg and Mike Golic Jr., who took a stand and announced that they would no longer participate in the self-serving conversation about whether or not Kaepernick’s protest is ‘respectful’.  Lundberg and Golic actually are discussing the police violence issue, such as the killings of Terence Crutcher in Oklahoma and Keith Lamont Scott in North Carolina, which is WHY Kaepernick protesting! Lundberg and Golic host First and Last weekdays from 4:00 AM to 6:00 AM, on ESPN 97.9 FM in Connecticut.





Guest Column Part 2


Ajamu Baraka, “Uncle Tom,” and the Pathology of White Liberal Racism

by Eric Draitser



Liberal White Supremacy




But there is another, even more insidious, aspect to this CNN Uncle Tom moment that must be reckoned with; namely, what the subtext of the question tells us about the pathology of 21st Century American liberalism.

When the white liberal Cuomo implied that the black radical Baraka was somehow engaging in racism or bigotry by referring to Obama as “Uncle Tom,” Cuomo was actually betraying the deeply rooted, almost unconscious, racism at the heart of American liberalism. For, you see, a white man can accuse a black man of racism when said black man critiques another black man who has been anointed by the white establishment. In other words, it’s not Obama’s skin color that makes Baraka’s use of the term unacceptable to Cuomo, it is Obama’s position.

Cuomo here plays the role of sentinel of the establishment, guarding the gates of discourse, dictating to blacks and whites alike what is or is not appropriate when it comes to critiquing the first black president.

Obama is the right kind of black man, while Baraka is the wrong kind. Obama the liberal is deserving of respect, while Baraka the radical is deserving of scorn. Sorry Ajamu, you’re just not the right kind of black man.

And while black men are murdered seemingly every single day by law enforcement, Obama pens op-ed pieces arguing that “Every day, [police] confront danger so it does not find our families … We recognize it, we respect it, we appreciate it, and we depend on you.” This is the right kind of black man, one who is passive and subservient in the face of ongoing, brutal oppression and violence. Baraka on the other hand, a man who has repeatedly lent his vocal support to the Movement for Black Lives among many other pro-black social movements, is caricatured as a bigot and racist.

“It’s not Obama’s skin color that makes Baraka’s use of the term unacceptable to Cuomo, it is Obama’s position.”

The white liberal sees no contradiction here. He/she is blind to the irony of utilizing anti-racist verbiage to uphold an inherently racist and white supremacist argument which stealthily justifies the institutions of oppression and coercion while demeaning and slandering those who seek to dismantle them.

This is the white moderate to which Dr. King referred: the liberal more devoted to “order” than to justice. This is the cultural pathology of liberalism, an ideological disease which afflicts millions of people who, in their own self-deception, see themselves as healthy and righteous.

But diseased they remain, in utter denial of their own mental illness. And, instead, they choose to scapegoat those few men and women of the radical cloth who attempt to minister to the sick, to nurse them back to health. For you see, it is not the disease that must be fought, but rather the foul-tasting medicine. That is why Ajamu Baraka is made into the villain while Barack Obama is the cure. Such is the upside-down reality of the liberal.

White supremacy and racism are not mere discursive constructs to be woven into elaborate, but mostly empty, rhetorical flourishes. They are real phenomena existing in the real world of political life. And they are not simply the collective hatred expressed by hooded klansmen or bareheaded neo-nazis, but rather are the underlying assumptions, ideas, and values at the root of American political, economic, and social life — expressed by the police officer, the politician, and the news anchor in the finely tailored suit.

But to say it, and to do so publicly, is to transgress against the social norm. And to do so when speaking of the first black president is to commit the gravest sin against the god of liberalism.

Ajamu Baraka is not vilified for calling Obama an Uncle Tom. He is vilified for refusing not to.

Eric Draitser is an independent geopolitical analyst based in New York City and the founder of StopImperialism.com. He is a regular contributor to RT, Counterpunch, New Eastern Outlook, Press TV, and many other news outlets. Visit StopImperialism.com for all his work.



Source:  Black Agenda Report  http://blackagendareport.com/







Fair Vote website on ranked choice voting:   http://www.fairvote.org/rcv/#rcvbenefits




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