Jill Stein Blasts Sham Presidential Debate / Luke Bronin Sabotaging Civilian Police Review Board

by David Samuels



This column appears in the October 27 – November 3 edition of the Hartford News.  http://www.hartfordnews.org/




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Josh Elliott, Candidate for State Representative



Check out CP’s No Sellout blog for a profile provided by Josh Elliott, who is running for a seat in the Connecticut General Assembly. Includes info on making a donation. Election Day is November 8. https://hendu39.wordpress.com/2016/05/14/election-2016-candidate-tracker-josh-elliott/




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Jill Stein’s Analysis of Final Hillary vs. Trump Debate



Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein was excluded from the debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, due to rules set by the Commission on Presidential Debates. This so-called commission is actually a corporation, controlled by the Democratic and Republican parties, who implemented rules designed to keep third party candidates out of the debates. Democracy Now! interviewed Dr. Stein after last week’s final debate in Las Vegas. Below is an excerpt of her response.
“What a—what a distressing, you know, hour and a half to sit through: Donald Trump’s psychosis and Hillary Clinton’s distortions of her record and what the future would look like. And the picture they paint of unbridled militarism, which is already robbing us blind, taking up more than half of our discretionary budget, almost half of your income taxes, only making the world a more dangerous place, you know, that’s terrifying enough. Add to that, you know, what they want to do with the economy. Donald Trump is all about more—more trickle-up. Actually, it’s not trickle-down: He wants more tax breaks. But, you know, Hillary is also not being clear with us about where we’re going and what her track record is. Hillary laid the groundwork for the financial crash of 2008—not Hillary alone, of course, but she was certainly supporting the policies of Bill Clinton that not only sent our jobs overseas, but which also laid the groundwork for Wall Street deregulation and, in fact, you know, enacted Wall Street deregulation, not to mention the anti-immigrant legislation, the anti-African-American legislation that opened the floodgates to this racist war on drugs and the endless expansion of mass incarceration, particularly of people of color. It’s a very dystopic future.

“And, you know, I think it’s really important for us, as Americans, to look at what we’re facing. You know, this is a race to the bottom. We have to exit this—this incredible spiral downward. The sooner we exit this, the better. Those who would say that you have to vote for the lesser evil now, you know, it’s really important to look at the track record for that, because the lesser evil simply paves the way to the greater evil, because people just stop coming out to vote for a lesser evil politician and a lesser evil party that’s throwing you under the bus. The base doesn’t come out, so the Congress flips from being blue to being red, as the Democratic Party has thoroughly established itself in a lesser evil party. So, when is it going to get better? You know, if we don’t stand up and fight now, when exactly are we going to stand up and fight?

“And what is really important to remember is that there are actually enough people right now, 43 million young people locked in debt, that if that word alone got out, we have the numbers. That is a plurality. That’s a winning plurality, let alone 27 million Latinos who have had it, who understand that the Republicans are the party of hate and fear and the Democrats are the party of deportation, detention and night raids and imprisonment of children and families in these horrific private prisons.

“So, you know, we have a very bleak reality. And for people—you know, everybody knows that Donald Trump is, you know, terrifying and dangerous. But to think that we are secure with Hillary Clinton in the White House, where Hillary Clinton is telling us right now that she wants to start a war with Russia over Syria, creating a no-fly zone, which means, folks, get ready. It’s going to be very hard not to slide into World War III here with Hillary at the helm, starting off her four years, or whatever her term is—starting off with declaring war against Russia by enacting a no-fly zone.

“We need a weapons embargo to the Middle East. We need to put a freeze on the bank accounts of our supposed allies who are continuing to fund terrorist enterprises. We got this mess going. We can shut it down. We need a new offensive in the Middle East. It’s called a peace offensive. We’re not going to hear that from either of the corporate-sponsored political parties who are rolling in dough from the weapons industry, from the fossil fuel giants, from the war profiteers, from the big banks. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. In the words of Alice Walker, the biggest way people give up power is by not knowing we have it to start with.” You can watch the full interview with Dr. Stein here. http://www.democracynow.org/2016/10/20/green_partys_jill_stein_on_donald



Reappointment of Hartford Police Chief James Rovella Challenged


A source provided the Community Party with the following letter.



Rachel M. Baird, Attorney

Mitchell Lake, Associate Attorney

Patricia A. Tartaglino, Office Manager

Edward A. Peruta, Legal Investigator

Thomas J. Clarke II, President

Court of Common Council

City Hall

550 Main Street

Hartford, CT 06103


September 26, 2016


Re: September 26, 2016 – Meeting of the Court of Common Council

Resolution regarding Reappointment of James C. Rovella as the Chief of Police



Dear Council President Clarke and Members of the Court of Common Council:


I represent American News and Information Services, Inc. (“American News”) and had

the opportunity to attend a meeting of the Hartford Civilian Police Review Board (“Board”) on

Tuesday, September 20, 2016. American News regularly conducts business in the City of Hartford

(“Hartford”). Fortunately, each of the five current members of the Board were in attendance for a

quorum; otherwise the meeting would have been cancelled. The Board’s governing ordinance

mandates that the Board be comprised of nine regular voting members with two alternates.

Municipal Ordinance, § 2-196(b). The absence of a full and functioning Board places the important

work of the Board in jeopardy.

The same Municipal Code ordinance that mandates a Board of nine regular voting

members and two alternates also mandates the following:

Within fifteen (15) days of the conclusion of any discipline or

disciplinary proceedings by the police department with respect to a

sustained citizen complaint, the Office of Human Relations shall be

notified and shall promptly notify the civilian police review board

and any community-based agencies involved.

Municipal Ordinance, § 2-196(c). Furthermore, Chief Rovella is required to prepare an annual

report for submission to the Mayor and the Court of Common Council indicating disciplinary

actions taken and assistance offered to police officers and members of the Hartford Police

Department against whom multiple complaints were received. Municipal Ordinance, § 2-196(e).

The role of police chief requires leadership and an example of compliance with the laws,

including municipal ordinances. Subordinates, such as the head of internal affairs, who witness a

chief disregard laws requiring prompt reports to the Board and annual reports to the Mayor and


Common Council about police conduct and discipline follow accordingly with the same disregard

in addressing citizen complaints about matters of police conduct and discipline.

American News respectfully asks for the postponement of any consideration of Chief

Rovella’s reappointment until and unless the reports to the Board, the Mayor, and the Common

Council are received and made available for public disclosure. In the absence of these mandatory

reports, the Mayor, the Common Council, and the public cannot engage in any meaningful

discussion regarding Chief Rovella’s performance in the crucial areas of respect and service.

Transmitted by email to the Members of the Court of Common Council:



Thomas J. Clarke II, President – TJ.Clarke@hartford.gov

Julio Concepcion – julio.concepcion@hartford.gov

Cynthia Jennings – jennc002@hartford.gov

James Sanchez – James.Sanchez@hartford.gov

Glendowlyn Thames – Glendowlyn.Thames@hartford.gov

John Q. Gale – John.Gale@hartford.gov

rjo Winch – wincr001@hartford.gov

Larry Deutsch, M.D. – deutl001@hartford.gov

Wildaliz Bermudez – wildaliz.bermudez@hartford.gov




Edward Peruta is a former Wethersfield cop and a legal investigator. Peruta is suing Sgt. Sean Spell, the cop caught on tape kicking Emilio Diaz in the head, following a June car chase. Diaz is suing the HPD; a criminal investigation is ongoing. Spell retired in August. Peruta says the city is punishing people who file lawsuits against officers and the city, by tabling their complaints to the Hartford Civilian Police Review Board. The city is claiming that the Board can’t rule on civilian complaints, while the individual has a lawsuit going. The Board wants clarification on this. Peruta filed a Freedom of Information request, and discovered that there are 25 cases involving people who can’t get a Board ruling on their complaints against officers, because they’re suing the city. Peruta also noted that the city gave a glowing rating to SSC Investigations, a vendor that the city uses to investigate civilian complaints against officers. During an October 18 Board meeting, it was revealed that Board members regularly complained about SSC to the Corporation Counsel administrative assistant, who turned around and gave SSC an excellent rating. You can watch the video of the meeting here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5MBodjewzo




Peruta, who has vowed to attend and record future Board meetings, called out Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin for sabotaging the Board: there are currently only 5 members, when there are supposed to be nine and two alternates. This severely compromises the core function of the Board, as meetings must be cancelled if there is less than the required quorum of five members present. Our source said, “Bronin and Rovella act as if the Board doesn’t exist.” Peruta warned Bronin to fully staff the Board, pointing out high profile police killings in Ferguson, (Mike Brown) and South Carolina (Walter Scott) and the subsequent unrest, as examples of the need for Hartford to get serious about police accountability. Stay tuned.



Community Party Radio Hosted by David Samuels with Mary Sanders – Show 13 January 6 2016 Rick Torres & Toni Taylor

The show guests include an interview with Hartford Police Civilian Review Board member Rick Torres and St. Louis activist Toni Taylor, the mother of Cary Ball a young man who was killed by St Louis Police in 2013.  The Community Party Radio show is hosted by author and political activist David Samuels and co-hosted by Mary L. Sanders. The show airs Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 8p est / 7p cst /5p pst on www.SoMetroRadio.com one of the original member stations of the GET GLOBAL NETWORK.



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