Political Roundup: Housing Code Awareness Forum / Democrats’ Neoliberal Policies Lead to Trump Victory

by David Samuels
This column appears in the November 10 – 17 edition of the Hartford News. http://www.hartfordnews.com/
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Hartford Housing Code Awareness Forum 
Big shout out to Mary L. Sanders, who made the October 26 Hartford Housing Code Awareness Forum a success. The room at the Hartford Public Library Albany Branch was packed. Mary was a fantastic host, community residents raised important issues, and the panel provided tremendous insight. Meetings will continue on housing codes/tenants rights, police reform, knowing your rights during police encounters, ranked choice voting, economic justice and much more. Thanks to Daughters and Sons of Eve, Vecinos Unidos, Debra Cohen, Ramon Espinoza and others who supported this event.
Stay tuned.
Policy Watch: Election Analysis
Donald Trump has won the 2016 presidential election. The Republicans also totally control Congress.  The Democratic Party has been headed for this iceberg for a long time, which I have done my best to point out in this space. The party has continuously moved to the right on the city, state and national level, abusing their voter base. Gov. Dan Malloy and Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin both launched neoliberal attacks on the poor, human services providers and public sector workers (the largest employer of Black people and women).
Poor people of color, who sat out this election because they have been ignored for years, could have made a huge difference. The Democrats cannot blame this loss on Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein, like they falsely blamed Ralph Nader for Al Gore’s defeat in 2000. The arrogance of Hillary Clinton supporters and liberal media personalities such as WNPR host/Courant columnist Colin McEnroe, who thought they could push Clinton to victory through fear, is emblematic of a party that is so out of touch with the people, it’s pathetic. This problem is not new. Malcolm X talked about the hypocrisy of the Democrats. Martin Luther King split with President Lyndon Johnson over his escalation of the Vietnam War, as money was pumped into the military that was needed to take care of the needs of the poor at home.
It’s time for the Democrats and their supporters to look in the mirror. As Dr. Stein pointed out, it was the neoliberal policies of President Bill Clinton, specifically his repeal of the Glass-Stegall Act that led to the 2008 economic crash, which led to the rise of Trump. The party now has two choices: continue their self-destruction by moving to the right, or make the radical policy reforms that will be necessary on the city and state level to become a firewall against the Trump presidency, and form a connection with the people they have abused for so long.
Last week McEnroe was on social media doing his best to demonize Dr. Stein, and scare voters into supporting Clinton. McEnroe is truly the personification of liberal media corruption. What this propaganda tool won’t mention is that the Democratic controlled Massachusetts General Assembly has annually killed the ranked choice voting bill Dr. Stein has introduced for the past 16 years, and that she challenged Gore, President Barack Obama and the Democrats to implement RCV before Election Day. This system would have allowed people to vote for Dr. Stein AND Hillary, without splitting the vote. The Democrats don’t want RCV, because they don’t want competition from third party candidates. Then they use shills like McEnroe to influence voters during elections. Politics as usual. Mary and Ella Gabriella are coordinating the Community Party’s RCV initiative here in Connecticut.
If President Hillary is inevitable, why are her media goons still attacking Jill Stein?
by Caitlin Johnstone
” ‘Methinks the lady doth protest too much.’
This phrase has become very useful in our current political environment. It’s a line from one of those Shakespeare plays where everyone dies in the end, and its use has become a way of pointing out when someone’s frantic resistance to something reveals a lot more about their true agendas than they intended to let on. When you know that your government is lying to you and the media is helping them, such things can often be a useful way of figuring out exactly what’s going on.
Take for example the way corporate media, proven by WikiLeaks to be pervasively controlled by the Clintons and their allies far more than we ever knew, has continued to run smear pieces on Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, even while they assure everyone that Hillary has an insurmountable lead over Donald Trump.
Attack editorials and smear pieces about Stein have been churned out by Clinton-allied media like cheap t-shirts at a Bangladeshi sweat shop since well before the Green Party convention, but lately, the frenzied attacks are getting even louder and more desperate. Last week John Oliver, whose employer HBO is owned by heavyweight Clinton contributor Time Warner, dedicated an entire rant to punching down on third parties and their supporters. Yesterday the Daily Beast, whose owner IAC is co-directed by Chelsea Clinton herself, ran a hit piece on the good doctor hilariously accusing her of having a “conflict of interest” because she has a standard investment portfolio.
I’m just going to type that out again because it makes my smug parts light up with glee: a publication, controlled by Hillary Clinton’s daughter, ran a hit piece on Jill Stein, for having a conflict of interest.
My God that’s good. I need a cigarette.
Jill Stein, if you haven’t been following, is the only candidate on the ballot who has never been a Republican, the only candidate on the ballot who doesn’t hate progressives, and the only candidate on the ballot pushing an actual progressive agenda. That means she’s going to be pulling votes from people who would otherwise support Hillary ‘candidates must have a public position and a private position’ Clinton, who is currently pretending to care about progressives so they’ll give her the power to privatize social security and start a war with Russia.” You can read the full article here.
In politics, perception eclipses reality. Liberals rail about Trump’s racism, while President Obama himself has openly dissed Black people, perpetuating the racist lie that the economic conditions in low income urban neighborhoods are a result of cultural issues (telling his Black critics to take off their slippers and put on their walking shoes). While Trump is blasted as a racist who will get us into World War 3, Obama is bombing seven countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Syria), has deported more immigrants than any other president, his Justice Department has prosecuted ZERO police officers for extrajudicial killings of Blacks, and he refused a 2009 demand from members of the Congressional Black Caucus, that he implement targeted job creation in communities of color with the highest poverty/unemployment rates. If a Republican president had that kind of record, liberals would call him a racist. Because Obama is a Democrat, articulate, handsome, and has a good sense of humor, his horrific policies are ignored by liberals who talk about how classy he is.
While it’s great that Native American water protectors in North Dakota are getting nationwide support, it seems to me like their plight is just the latest trendy cause for some liberals. I haven’t seen them call out Obama and Hillary for their silence on this issue, due to their biggest donors being oil companies. Sen. Bernie Sanders called on Obama to halt pipeline construction, but didn’t demand that Hillary, who he endorsed for president, take a stand on stopping the pipeline. It appears that the Dakota Access pipeline standoff has become another political football, like the movement against police violence.
Trump’s victory is obviously a horrific event. The fact that Hillary could not defeat this psychopath is a sad commentary on her as a candidate,  the neoliberal policies of the Democrats and the stupidity of the voters. Like Black people who celebrated Obama’s election 8 years ago, Trump supporters will eventually see that other than the vicarious feeling of power they are experiencing from being able to say ‘President Trump’, their day to day conditions will not change. Neither Trump nor Hillary care about their supporters. They were necessary pawns to get elected. Trump’s policies will benefit the ruling class and screw everybody else, like every other president before him.
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