Hillary, Malloy & Neoliberalism Cost Democrats the White House, Senate Majority in CT

by David Samuels
This column appears in the November 17 – 23 edition of the Hartford News. http://www.hartfordnews.com/
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Community Update
Ranked Choice Voting Passes in Maine
                                             Maine Passes Revolutionary Voting System That Could Help Third Parties
Maine voters have passed a statewide measure that could benefit third parties and prevent candidates who don’t truly have majority support from gaining office. On Tuesday, Maine became the first state to pass ranked-choice voting, sometimes also called “instant-runoff voting,” Maine Public Radio reports. Several U.S. cities have implemented ranked-choice voting, but Maine would be the first place to do it statewide, according to Reason. With traditional voting in the U.S., whichever candidate gets the most votes in a given race wins ― period. That means that if there are more than two candidates, someone can win office without getting a majority of more than 50 percent of voters. In some cases, a candidate might win even though more than half of voters strongly oppose that person, if their support is split among the candidate’s opponents.
Ranked-choice voting, on the other hand, allows voters to rank their candidates. To win, a candidate must earn a majority of the votes cast. If, after the first round of counting, no candidate has a majority of votes, the ballots get counted again with one exception: for voters who selected the last-place candidate as their top pick, their votes get counted with their second-choice candidate as their first choice. This continues until someone gets a majority. The new voting style will apply to elections for governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. representative, state senate and state representative, according to Maine Public Radio.
Proponents of ranked-choice voting say it empowers voters to support the candidate they genuinely like best, instead of feeling obligated to support whoever they feel is “lesser of two evils.”
You can read the full Huffington Post article here. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/maine-ranked-choice-voting_us_581e49bee4b0aac62484dfb8  Ranked choice voting also passed in Benton County, Oregon. Check out our Resources section for more info on this voting system, which is real democracy. Mary Sanders and Gabriela Ella are coordinating the Community Party’s ranked choice voting initiative in Connecticut.
Josh Elliott Wins House Seat
Congratulations to Josh Elliott, who defeated Republican Marjorie Bonadies to win the 88th District (Hamden) seat in the House of Representatives. Elliott supports taxing the rich, closing corporate tax loopholes, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and legalization of marijuana. Elliott also voiced his opposition to state employee layoffs. You can read more about Elliott here.  http://www.nhregister.com/government-and-politics/20160425/sharkey-to-face-re-election-challenge-in-connecticut-house
Policy Watch: Democrats’ Chickens Come Home to Roost
49.6% of voters sat out the 2016 election.
I think what we’re seeing, in the aftermath of this, is an attempt by Democrats, who nominated a candidate, Hillary Clinton, despite knowing how weak and how vulnerable and how deeply unpopular she was across many sectors in the country, who nonetheless insisted on nominating her in the face of all sorts of empirical evidence that she would not only lose but could literally lose to anyone, that those very same people who insisted on marching behind her are now attempting to blame everyone they can find—except, of course, themselves—for this debacle. And I think that if we’re going to have any kind of constructive discussion in the aftermath of Trump’s victory, it has to include, first and foremost, a discussion about why the Democratic Party has become such a small minority party, a minority in the House, a minority in the Senate, lost control of the White House to someone like Donald Trump, is obliterated on the state and local levels. What is it about the Democratic Party that has caused huge portions of the American voting population to turn their back to it and to reject it? And I think we’re seeing Democrats scrambling around, trying to avoid that discussion by casting the blame on everybody else. And I think that will only ensure that this kind of event will continue to replicate itself in the future.” ~ Journalist Glenn Greewald (Democracy Now! interview with host Amy Goodman)
The Connecticut Democrats were indeed wiped out on Election Day: the Republicans picked up three seats in the Senate. Currently the Senate is tied 18-18 (including two conservative Democrats), with Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman holding the tiebreaking vote. The GOP gained eight seats in the House of Representatives. The Democrats’ House majority has shrunk to 79-72, the smallest Democratic majority in 30 years. This isn’t hard to figure out. Gov. Dan Malloy has viciously attacked the public sector, the largest employer of Black people and women, in addition to being the core of the party’s voter base, and Dem legislators supported his neoliberal agenda. This year the working class was soaked with taxes and thousands of state employees (I’m a state worker) were laid off, because they refused to agree to concessions for the third time since 2009. Meanwhile Malloy continued to coddle the rich and corporations, refusing to implement a progressive tax structure or end corporate welfare. This state loses $7 billion in revenue each year, due to corporate tax breaks. Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin also went after city workers’ wages and benefits, and attempted to get legislation passed on the state level that would eliminate employees’ collective bargaining rights. Malloy just knew he was going to be out of here on the first thing smoking, to join Hillary’s administration. Malloy raised money for Hillary all over the country. Now he will have to stay in Connecticut and govern, saddled with a 24% approval rating that shows he’s as popular as a root canal or tax audit.

Black Agenda Report commentator Glen Ford summarized the Democrats’ history of exploiting the working class, the poor and people of color. “Rather than gradually strengthening the political hand of the working and oppressed classes, bit by bit, year by year — which is the purported justification for incrementalism — progressive slavishness to the Democratic Party has facilitated the deepening dictatorship of capital. The net economic loss to the people — especially the masses of Black folks, who have been stripped of much of the gains of the Sixties and Seventies, and nearly all of their household wealth – has been staggering and unrelenting.

For the past 40 years and more, Democrats have been perfect partners in the Dance of the Duopolists. It’s a simple two-step. The basic move is: the Democrats hug as closely as possible to the left flank of the Republican Party, thus staying within dog-whistle range of the White Man’s Party’s core base, rooted in white supremacy, while claiming everything to the left of Robert E. Lee as Democratic turf, including the huge, heavily Black social democratic electorate whose progressive agenda the Democrats have no intention of substantively addressing.
The Clintons turned this two-step into a disciplined tango with their GOP partners. In 1994, the Republicans threatened to launch a social justice Armageddon through their Contract with America — legislation they were incapable of fully enacting, however, without some level of Democratic consent. The Clintons vowed to defend Black, brown and poor people from the GOP barbarians at the gate – and wound up ramming through Congress corporate-crafted measures that the Republicans could not have passed on their own. Bill and Hillary cut a rug to that tune for eight years in the White House, stomping out welfare as we knew it, eviscerating Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal banking regulations, presiding over the largest surge in mass Black incarceration in modern history, and delivering the broadcast spectrum to monopoly media, all the while pretending to defend a ‘progressive agenda.’ ”
AOL.com reported that Hillary’s defeat has triggered a civil war between establishment Democrats, and progressives. http://www.aol.com/article/news/2016/11/12/the-democratic-party-descends-into-civil-war-after-clintons-l/21604579/
When the WikiLeaks email dump on the Democratic National Committee revealed that the DNC sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ campaign, Hillary supporters didn’t give a damn. Now that she lost the general election, they’re turning over cars in the street. Pure comedy. Yes, the Electoral College needs to go. We also need ranked choice voting. Liberals are fine with third-party candidates being marginalized. Hillary supporters are showing they’re just as irrational as Trump supporters, as they try to blame Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein for Hillary’s loss. Vote totals show that claim is absolute rubbish, as Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson drew more votes from Trump.  http://reason.com/blog/2016/11/09/where-the-third-party-candidates-were-st  First of all, the Democrats aren’t entitled to a single vote. They have to earn votes. This will be hard for liberals to accept, but candidates in other parties have a right to run for public office. Your candidate lost because she sucks, and people who the Democrats have been abusing forever (working class, the poor, people of color) sat out the election. Dr. Stein rejected the notion that Hillary is a hero for women. She pointed out that Hillary supported President Bill Clinton’s racist 1996 welfare bill, which to this day has a catastrophic effect on all single mothers, especially women of color.
What is even more disturbing to me than the terror people are rightfully feeling about the looming Trump presidency, is the bliss liberals have experienced during Barack Obama’s tenure, and would currently feel if Hillary had won the election. Obama has deported more immigrants than any other president, signed the National Defense Authorization Act, a law that allows the government to jail ANY OF US indefinitely without being criminally charged, refused a 2009 demand from members of the Congressional Black Caucus, that Obama implement targeted job creation in Black communities with the highest poverty and unemployment rates, is currently bombing seven predominantly Muslim countries, presides over a Justice Department that has prosecuted ZERO police officers for extrajudicial killings of Black people, nominated Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who was endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police and has strong ties to police unions, has funneled trillions of dollars to Wall Street, and launched a sustained attack on public schools. Trump hasn’t laid a glove on us yet. Obama has been knocking Black, Brown and Indigenous people around the ring for the past eight years, like the Clintons (Bill’s racist crime/welfare bills, Hillary’s bombing Iraq/Libya, their looting of Haiti) have also done. An attack isn’t coming, it’s ongoing. As Dr. Stein said, what people fear from Trump, the Democrats have already done. Hillary and Malloy personify the cause of the party’s epic implosion.
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