Flashback: Rep. Bruce Morris Urges Police to Support Community Party Racial Profiling Bill

by David Samuels

No Community Party Hartford News column this week, due to a special edition of the newspaper. This week we’ll share the Connecticut Network video of the March 20, 2015 Connecticut General Assembly Judiciary Committee public hearing. The Community Party’s  amendment, which calls for patrol officers to give out a traffic stop receipt to motorists, regardless of whether or not they write a ticket, was one of the bills that was debated during the hearing. The receipt was passed by the legislature in 2012 but was repealed in 2013 before going into effect, due to political pressure by the police. Committee member Rep. Bruce Morris revealed that he had recently been racially profiled.  Morris urged  the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association, who opposed our amendment, to support the bill. This resulted in an at times heated exchange between urban lawmakers, and the police. Morris makes his comments at about the 4 hour, 30 minute mark of the video.  Mary Sanders, who drafted CP’s Trayvon Martin Act bill language, which includes the receipt provision, testifies at approximately 8 hours, 24 minutes. We will introduce the Trayvon Act again during the 2017 legislative session, which runs from January 4 to June 7.




Trayvon Martin Act bill language:




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