Liberals #Resist Trump, Support Democrats’ Racism, Neoliberalism, Militarism & Fascism

by David Samuels
This column appears in the April 6 – 13 edition of the Hartford News.
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Martin Luther King Tribute
Get Global Network podcast. We pay tribute to Martin Luther King, who was assassinated April 4, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. We’ll talk about the Dr. King that the corporate media has erased: a revolutionary who organized against racial economic disparity and the Vietnam War, launching his Poor People’s Campaign. Connecticut State Representative Josh Elliott will join us to discuss Dr. King and Gov. Dan Malloy’s state budget proposal, which slashes funding for human services while cutting taxes for the rich. We will also play excerpts of Dr. King talking about economic justice.
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Tax Migration Myth
Policy Watch: The Trump Presidency & Liberal Hypocrisy
“Instead of fighting for single payer healthcare, the Democratic Party and the GOP blame Russia for Clinton’s loss. Instead of discussing poverty and unemployment, the two parties are more concerned with Trump’s rhetorical gestures toward peace with Russia. Neither the GOP nor the Democratic Party has protested the Trump Administration’s promise to increase the military budget by 54 billion USD. Indeed, the entire attack on the Trump Administration occurring within the bowels of Washington is defined by war. The Democratic Party and the GOP are united in their goal to wage war against the Russian Federation and believe that the former Soviet Union is the perfect boogeyman to capture the gaze of the US populace.
So fear Trump, the corporate media says. Fear his overt racism and his brutish patriarchal character. Fear his tax returns and fear Russia. Resist his rule, but don’t pay attention to the system at large. The bipartisan consensus of privatization of education, healthcare, and the public sector is of little importance. Ignore the mass Black incarceration state and police brutality. Find Trump’s accusations about being ‘wiretapped’ by the Obama Administration and his conflict with the corporate media to be ridiculous, but don’t question the US military state’s mass surveillance program or the deeply monopolized media environment that exists in the United States.” ~ Black Agenda Report commentator Danny Haiphong
Hartford’s ninth homicide occurred last week on Washington Street. 29-year-old Oscar Salgado was fatally shot in the head. As this column went to press, the city’s tenth murder was reported on King Street, where a man was shot. A witness who heard the shots told Fox 61 that the area is known for drug activity. Mayor Luke Bronin continues to talk out of both sides of his mouth, telling community residents and the media about the link between poverty and gun violence, while he pushes the neoliberal policies that cause poverty in this city. Gun violence will continue as long as Bronin, Gov. Dan Malloy and the Democrats continue to deprive communities of color in Hartford of jobs and resources.
Liberals resist Donald Trump. They didn’t resist the Barack Obama presidency, which included unchecked police repression of communities of color, Black mass incarceration, mass deportations, neoliberal attacks on the public sector, a health care system that left 24 million people uninsured, attacks on civil liberties and the bombing of seven predominantly Muslim countries.
U.S. police kill people at a rate of 70 times more than police in all other ‘first world’ nations. The Obama Justice Department prosecuted ZERO officers for killing Black, Latino and Indigenous people. Obama deported more immigrants than any other president. The public sector, the largest employer of Black people and women, is being devastated by wage / benefits cuts and layoffs, spearheaded by Democrats and Republicans. Malloy is threatening to lay off 4200 state employees, if they don’t agree to concessions for the third time since 2009 (I’m a state worker). Hartford school teachers are facing the loss of their jobs, as Bronin pursues the closure of multiple city schools. Bronin recently touted his “aggressive” negotiations with city employee unions (during an appearance on The Real Story), as he seeks concessions.  Liberals don’t resist Democratic Party fascism. They vote for it.
The always opportunistic Hillary Clinton weighed in on White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s disrespectful behavior toward Black reporter April Ryan during last week’s press briefing. Hillary talked about Black women being subjected to condescension by whites; she was obviously counting on people forgetting about her arrogant dismissal of Black Lives Matter activist Ashley Williams, who crashed a Hillary fundraiser last year to confront Hillary about her racist ‘superpredator’ comment regarding at-risk Black youth. Hillary enthusiastically supported President Bill Clinton’s racist crime and welfare bills, which fueled Black mass incarceration and poverty, respectively. Hillary is a racist, neoliberal war monger. Somebody should tell her she lost the election. Liberals who still voice support for Hillary on social media, gleefully sharing the ‘Are you still worried about my emails?’ meme, demonstrate that they learned nothing from Hillary’s loss to Trump. 46 million people stayed home, because they saw two horrible presidential candidates. Liberals and conservatives ridicule each other but they’re exactly the same. Both support structural racism, neoliberalism, militarism and fascism. BAR’s Glen Ford talked to The Real News Network about the hypocrisy of U.S hysteria over Russia possibly interfering in the presidential election.
Nobody holds a candle to the United States, when it comes to interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. Nobody even comes close. And we only get a sense of the scope, and sheer size, and the unique character of U.S. interference in the rest of the world, by taking in the totality of history, and the whole wide range of meddling in other people’s rights to self-determination that the United States is guilty of.
The U.S. has absolutely no respect for anybody else’s right to self-determination, except its own. It overthrows governments. It overthrew most of the governments of Latin America, and still threatens to do so. It has participated in the overthrow of emerging governments in Africa, and now, basically is an occupier of Africa, through its Africom.
It annexes whole countries, and that begins with the beginnings of the United States, the annexing of all the original people, the original nations of the United States into the United States. And goes on to include, oh, about half or more of Mexico, and all of Puerto Rico and the Philippines. And they damned near took Cuba several times, including at the turn of the 20th Century.
The United States blackmails and coerces nations to form governments that will go along with the United States’ wishes. And they use the threat of force to do that. They fund political parties all over the world. They do that covertly, and they do that overtly. And they do it to people, to governments, that are supposed to be their friends.
Most notably, right after World War II, they subverted and tried to guide the course of politics in France and Italy, when communist parties were very strong in those countries. It arms opposition groups — that is, wages proxy wars. And it’s been doing that in the Muslim world for some time, going on 40 years now. Starting with Afghanistan, and most recently with Libya, and with Syria, and with the cumulative loss of millions and millions of lives.
It imposes sanctions at the drop of a hat on countries all over the world. And sanctions are, and are meant to be, interference in the internal affairs of other countries. And it wages ceaseless propaganda wars for the purposes of regime change. And in this regard, it’s certainly not just the U.S. government; the U.S. corporate media is not a junior partner, a full partner in these propaganda wars.
And they start off when you hear a government being referred to as a, regime, rather than a government. That’s when you know that the crosshairs are on that government’s neck.” You can read the full interview with Ford here.
Trump has inadvertently exposed the hypocrisy of liberals. Their vocal opposition to the Trump presidency underscores their deafening silence in response to oppression by the Democrats.
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