Community Party Radio on So-Metro Radio Tuesday, May 30

Community Party Radio on So-Metro Radio returns Tuesday. Commentary on urban issues from a grassroots perspective. Last week Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy and state employee unions reached a tentative agreement on wage / benefit concessions, as the state faces a $2.3 billion budget deficit. Guest contributor John Hollis, a retired state employee and former union steward, will join us for a Policy Watch analysis of the deal. We will also talk with John about Malloy’s neoliberal attack on the public sector, the largest employer of Black people and women.

Our Political Roundup segment will include an update on the fatal police shooting of Jayson Negron in Bridgeport. We will also discuss right-wing extremist Joe Visconti launching a campaign for governor in CT, President Donald Trump’s war budget and free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick being blackballed by National Football League teams, because of his national anthem protest. 8:00 PM Eastern Time 7:00 PM Central 5:00 PM Pacific.


Ring of Fire – Public Pensions Under Attack:



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